Did you know? #30 - All effects in focus

Our DMXControl Wiki writes about the scenes (cues): In a single scene you can simultaneously use

  • classical static values like brightness of a fixture, its color or a fixed position for moving heads or scanners,
  • Effects for the generation of movements, color effects for LED spotlights or video effects or animations for a matrix,
  • values of presets are referenced completely or in parts, and / or
  • with the scene timing configuration (Cue Timing Editor) information can be stored when which property is output and how.

With the effects we have you in an older Did you know? issue (more precisely in edition #8 - Overlay effects), we showed you that you can apply several effects at the same time in a single scene for a single function. If you then go on to create a more complex lighting scene for several groups of devices and numerous effects, it can quickly become confusing as to which functions have one or more effects active.

So that you do not lose the overview here, DMXControl 3 helps you with the device control. Here you will find not only the two tabs Properties and Group Handling, but also the tab Effects. Its content is also composed dynamically and has two states:

  • If you have selected a device group, the Effects tab lists the functions for all selected devices and device groups to which an effect is assigned.
  • If you have loaded a scene into the programmer and have not selected any devices or device groups, then all functions that are addressed by an effect will be displayed.

No matter which state you find: In both cases, the Effects tab not only shows you the respective device functions. Here you can change all effects accordingly, delete them or add further effects to a function. And especially with complex lighting scenes, where you run effects on several groups of devices, you should be able to make the changes much faster. After all, you save the selection of the device groups and you have directly all parameters, in view, as can be seen in the screenshot.

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By the way: In our video tutorial about the effects we also go into this tab.

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