DMXControl Convention 2020 the second one - Special No. 11 - We have prepared there something

We have prepared something. And what was to be seen there caused quite big eyes among the rest of the people present as well as those who until now had no direct contact with the project. And it runs and runs and runs - even across different locations.

By the way, the project "Getting our hardware test server running again" could be completed at least on the hardware side. A small error on a circuit board for automatically switching the connected DMX interfaces on and off caused everything to regularly break down electrically. Now that this error has been fixed, the tests can now be adapted after our CI-System received an update some time ago. The marketing team tackled another point in a small group: here they continued to work on a special campaign so that it could start on time.

So today there was quite an intensive working atmosphere all day long, before we expect another guest soon. What he presents to us: more about that later.