DMXControl Convention 2020 the second one - Special No. 12 - A new form of Visualizer

In the past, it has often been said that for the programming of a light show, a visualizer is necessarythat is as realistic as possible. The Stage View cannot and does not want to do this job. It serves as a rough display and control option, but does not show all device functions. Therefore the connection to Easy View was available for a long time. The free program shows a part of the device functions, but has its own peculiarities. Therefore, we talked to the company L8 at the ProLight & Sound last year and a comparatively cheap option was created by them. However, with the Unreal Engine a possible alternative is now opening up. The Unreal Engine is a game engine, so it is actually designed for the development of games. But in the last weeks the support of DMX devices and signals was added to the Unreal Engine by Epic Games Inc. Thus it is already possible to send DMX signals via Artnet also from DMXControl 3 to e.g. the editor of the Unreal Engine and to control devices in it. With this it is already possible to create quite nice looking shows. Here our guest showed us with his project what is already possible. In an open discussion we discussed these possibilities and also thought about how this new kind of visualizer could help you as our community. It was a very constructive discussion and we are curious to see what will come out of it.

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