111111 post at the DMXControl forum!!

On 20th September 2016, we were glad to announce a very beautiful value in our forum statistic: the 10000th post inside the DMXControl forum. And today, about two years later, there is a reason again to take a closer look to the forum statistic. Only some minutes ago, our member sutter.michi wrote and released the 111111th post in the DMXControl forum with starting the new thread Hardware Lichtpult/ Fader mit DMXControl verknüpfen (a new German thread). We would like to say congratulation and thank you, also in behalf of the whole community. Related to the special values: "Helau" and "Alaaf"! A very special speech will also follow - promised! ;)

Since the last birthday, a lot of new things were going on meanwhile. The main point for almost everyone was the relaunch of the complete new design of the forum and the separated news area, which was renewed together with the update of the back end software. Also on other places took places some big developments: within the last two years, about 2.500 new thread were started and our community is counting over 3.100 members. The third big improvement inside the forum are our new mechanism to provide you before unneeded spam postings. The spam bots learned also a lot within the last years.

At the end of this news, we say thank you for the friendly and respectful climate here inside the forum. Especially for newcomer, it is sometimes very difficult to ask a old grown community to different topics. But because of you, everyone is warm welcomed and his or her questions were answered very qualified. We as moderators of the forum are very proud about this climate, where we were not needed to reprimand someone in the past. All in all, we would like to say finally: Stay as you are - you are the best community, which is available! :)

Your :dmxclogo DMXControl-Team :dmxclogo