Developer News - 22_CW09 - Good and Bad News

In the last months we have written and talked again and again about the fact that we are working on DMXControl 3.3. If we go a little bit into the past in our Git history, we can see that almost two and a half years ago around our developer meeting the bigger development branches of DMXControl 3.3 started. So we tackled one of the biggest chunks right at the beginning with the gRPC conversion. After more than one and a half years of development, the alpha test started on 03/17/2021 (almost one year ago). Since this date, a total of 10 sometimes more sometimes less stable alpha versions of DMXControl 3.3.0 were released to our tester team. Since this date a lot has happened in the software and on the one hand the software has been stabilized and on the other hand the planned features have been added step by step.

This brings us to the title of this news, because the good news is that now all major planned features are so far developed and included in the current internal software version. So today the so called feature freeze was proclaimed. This has several consequences. On the one hand this means that starting from today no more new features will find their way into DMXControl 3.3.0 (a few small still planned adjustments of the user interface excepted). For us internally this means that we now have a specific development branch for DMXControl 3.3 since today and all bugfixes that will follow now will take place in this special branch. The feature freeze also has the consequence that we have moved from the alpha test to the beta test, in which mainly bugs and further instabilities of the software are searched for and eliminated. Now follows unfortunately also the bad news: There is still a lot to do. Unfortunately, this also means that it will take some time until DMXControl 3.3.0 will actually be released. We still plan to release DMXControl 3.3.0 this year and the feature freeze is one milestone on the way to this goal.

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