DMXControl Convention 2021 the second one - Special No. 3 - Extensive recording plan

Yesterday started well. On the recording schedule were a total of three videos, but we were unsure whether we could manage this in time. The goal was at least to have the first video ready before noon. Since the recording setup was already set up, we had to prepare the first video in detail. We had planned the topics and the rough sequence for several videos in advance. However, after some initial tests with just the bullet points and very free speech, we quickly decided to pre-formulate the texts in order to support the speakers in front of the camera. After some time for acclimatization in the video recording environment, the shooting of the first video went quite well. The only thing we didn't meet was the goal we had set ourselves of finishing the video before noon. On the other hand, the experience we gained with it helped us in planning and generating the texts for video 2 and 3. We were able to shoot the expected three videos in total. Thus, yesterday was a very productive day. We can hopefully go on like that today. Now everyone get up one after the other and then we will start with video shooting day 2.

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