• Dear Sirsand Madams,

    I have a problem with the DDF creator: every time I try to do the DDF file of Inno Beam Led from ADJ, it crash.

    Can someone send me the DDF file or thell me where can i find it?

    Thank you in advance!

  • Don't use the DDF-creator for creating your DDFs

    It's completely outdated and doesn't work properly

    Use an text-based Editor like Notepad++ and create them manually

    An overview how to do this can be found in the Wiki

    I guess you'll have to create several further DDFs in the future for your device, so i suggest you give it yourself a try.

    When it absolutely doesn't work out for you there sure will be someone who can help with problems or even create the whole DDF for you

  • Thank you for your answer!

    I'll try!

    Kind Regards