DMXControl Convention 2023 - Special No. 7 - It's aready over again

Somehow it is the same every year. Our annual meeting starts and a few moments later, it's allready over. The time just flies by, in parts because of the fact that there is actually enough work to fill 5 meetings. So in the software area, among other things, the timecode player was further worked on, the executor faders have now also received their multitouch capability on the software side, we worked on the UI of DMXControl 3 and also worked on the OS2L plugin (which is now also open source and can be found on Github). In addition, again some bugs were fixed in different areas like the softdesk and the project management of DMXC3. The hardware corner has continued to work on a larger project, which they have been working on for some time now. We hope to be able to present this project to you possibly next year. The marketing team has mainly worked on editing more videos for our DMXCP.Univers(ity). Here you can look forward to new videos soon. Of course we also worked on the documentation, as well as on the translation of DMXControl 3.

In addition, of course, there was time for meetings again. For example the developer team updated the roadmap for DMXControl 3.3.0. Also the use of so called Dependency Injection in some parts of DMXControl 3 was discussed. There were also some meetings in the marketing team and the IT team.

But also the socializing did not come too short. On the one hand we talked and laughed so much. But of course there was also one of the legendary games from our host and showmaster Christian. Thank you to all who were there for the great days and thank you Christian for the excellent lodging.

Your :dmxclogo DMXControl Team :dmxclogo