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    HI @MaramonJ,
    alternate you can use only the Version DMXC 2 .

    Or you try to get work with MIDI Sync, in DMXC3 .

    If it is possible.. you have the Beat , and the Timer Events in DMXC3, here starting time is most important.
    If you need the exactly millisecond to excecute all Cue's, controled by the Musik File, the only way is as 'JP' has descibed before.

    Best Regards

    hi @MaramonJ
    search in ths forum for Audio Analyzer' ( upper right corner )

    Then you will find a lot of Komments and Tutorials how to connect this one to the Lights.

    The stuff is in German but you can use google for tronslate the whole pages.

    If you any Question after this i can explain it in detail.

    Best Regards

    Hi @rocklander
    this looks like as a malfuntion between your Wireless DMX devices,

    I use a Transceiver System build in a single XLR Plug. ( real plug and Play ) 24/7 never turned off ( ok somtimes ) no Problems on all Devices.
    Some others are permanetly tranported and pluged in and pluged out ..on Live Gigs.

    This parts are made in China, but they used a DMX Standart and are kompatible to all other ISM Band Devices with
    2.4 to 2.525 GHz 126 Chanels Jump Frequency and 512 DMX Chanels in 7 FRequenz Groups Like 7 Universes
    You should take a look at this tecnical Details , if they are all the same on any of your Wifi DMX DEvice, if they are work to together.

    here my favorites:
    The Manufactor is Haiking Technology Co. Ltd Alternate you can use the same by Lixada
    Model HK-WDMX01A ( XLR male Version ) and Model HK-WDMX01B ( XLR female Version )

    Thake a Look at this, it will be fix your Problem in Minutes, i think so.

    Best Regards Uwe

    HI RafRola,
    DMX is a technology to control lights .
    DMX Control is a Software to create Light-Shows and more over DMX -> Interfaces, ART-Net and more.
    It works from WIN 7 /32 up to WIN 10 /64 , itself is 32 Bit Software which runs in WOW64 on 64 Bit Systems.

    Furthermore you can use 2 different Versions DMXC 2 or DMXC3 with new HAL technology.

    The needed Hardware should be a powerful System with good CPU and GPU .
    So if you can play a new 3D Game on it, you are on the good Way.

    Best Regards