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    Ok. Looks like a regular DMX Controler. I don't know that model, neither the controller nor the devices.

    You said you already configured the Lights with the right DMX Address, and looped the DMX Cable through them. Did you check the manual of the Lights? Sometimes there are different operation modes with different DMX Channel assignments. Also there could be a master dimmer that always needs to be @ 100% for the individual color channels to work.


    There are dozens of Lights on the Market and so are dozens of cheap controllers. Your question is like "I have issues with my car, it makes a strange sound. I already tried switching the tires, please help..." 8o

    What I want to say is, please be more detailed in terms of what type of controller you are using and what type of lights. Pictures of the devices or manuals also help.

    Otherwise I doubt that there will be any valuable feedback.


    I didn't want to scare you, if you prefer, you can definitely try it out. With my last sentence I just wanted to make clear that this is not supported by us officially. In case glitches occur, we will not start fixing things, as in our opinion, this is not a bug right now. It's just that you want everything @ 150% besides DMXControl, which is an unusual request.

    Unfortunatelly not, this is an application Setting, on a Operation System Level.

    But you can change it differently. Try this out:

    1. Goto here:

    2. Follow the Steps described in "Edit the Registry".

    3. Copy the attached Manifest File into the LumosGUI Installation Folder, so it is parallel to the LumosGUI.exe File (Unzip the ZIP)

    4. Never ever report any Bug regading miss-scaled Controls, Visual Glitches or other things concerning the UI displaying Stuff in a strange way. By using this configuration, you are using DMXControl in a visually untested environment and support ends here.



    Well, the point is, we fixed a Bug. In the Past, DMXControl was not considering the Scaling, which lead to others reporting: "I scaled my screen to 150%, but DMXControl is still small". So we fixed that bug to have DMXControl (as every other Software) considering the scaling. That's the reason why it looks different now.

    Please find attached a simple demo project. Take a look into the Input assignment how it is done.

    Beside the Inputs and Outputs there are lot's of functions existing that can be used in the "Graph" overview.

    Simply add an Empty connection set, open it and right click.

    Also, are there any plans to someday allow the Windows command prompt to send commands to the kernel like mentioned in the first post? That would be great because I could automatically turn on our lights as soon as the computer boots up instead of opening the program, loading the saved project, and clicking a button to turn on the lights.

    That's not really on the roadmap, but we plan to improve the way the software is started with 3.3 by having a seperate Loader Program which can be parameterized via the command line. At least you should be able to start the Kernel and have it loading a project of your choice.




    Same there. Same issue.

    Also DMXControl 2 is written in VB6, where Microsoft canceled the development support already 12 years ago:…port-for-visual-basic-6.0

    Right now, we don't even have a working development environment running for the DMXControl 2 series. The Software is as it is and there won't be changes or enhancements.

    Even if you find somebody taking a look into the binary files, that person will also have to spend a couple of hours to get that "Move things around" program working without breaking anything. It is questionable whether overall that is really a time save if you take that persons time into account.



    I want to wrap up the discussion for you a little bit.

    You have currently two choices on the table:

    1. Purchase a Hardware DMX Merger and a DMX Controller as boneshaker suggested and do everything in Hardware. The financial damage will be about 150 Euro for the Merger and Controller

    2. Purchase a DMX Interface that can be connected to a computer with DMX-In and DMX-Out. You connect your Foot Controller to the DMX-IN and your lights to the DMX-OUT. That way you have full control on which DMX-Lines go where. In your case I would simply cut the 1st DMX-Channel and only forward the Channels 2-... and control channel 1 (the dimmer) with the software DMXControl. The Software ist free of charge, the cost for the Interface similar to the Option 1, but the advantage is, you can use DMXControl to do way more with your lights then you can do with your preprogrammed Foot controller. The disadvantage is, you need to have a laptop included in the setup, which I don't know if that is what you want.

    Remark regarding the DMX Interface. There are Interfaces on the market that have an HTP Merge function Build in, so they can inside the Interface mix the DMX-Stream from the Computer with an external DMX-Stream like your foot controller. Personally I don't see the advantage of doing so if the Software supports reading DMX-IN Information (like DMXControl does). Maybe the reason some Interfaces support this is that some software doesn't support using DMX-IN.

    So, now it's up to you to decide which way to go. If you choose Option 2 and have more questions, don't hesitate to ask them. You can also try out the freeware software (DMXControl 3.2.1) we are offering at before taking a decision.



    I think what boneshaker is suggesting is the easiest feasible option. On the other hand, if you need to invest in an Merger and in an 1ch Controller, maybe you purchase an ArtNet or USB Interface and start working with DMXControl as your lightning software :-D with potentially way more options. I don't know what your usual setup is and whether working with an Notebook in addition is a good or bad Idea.

    Hello. Sorry for the very late answer.

    We found that issue, it will be fixed in 3.2.2. At least that error Message is solved. Whether that was the root cause of your problem, you have to test then.