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    Hello I've had the same problem, the Enttec was working fine with DMXC2 so I thought I would try Freestyler, when I went back to DMXC I got the same message as you. I uninstalled Freestyler uninstalled DMXC then reinstalled DMXC it was fine after that, hope this helps

    Hello, sorry but I cant find the English forum, I'M using DMXC2 and am finding that all the vertical blue value bars are full on at startup. Can anyone help


    Kevin Mooney

    Hello All and a happy new year, I have been using DMXC 2 for some years with a Vellaman interface and have been very happy. As is the way of things I thought I would move on to DMX 3 and buy an Enntec Open DMX interface. I have installed DMXC 3 but I can't find the startup icon where is it please ?

    Hello, I can't find uDMX in the list of output plugins but it is listed in the list of supported plugins how do I Install it

    Hello all, I have just added a Lazer to my led lights, the LEDS start at address 1 and the lazer at address 21. I have created a list of scenes for everyday use and a separate scene sheet for the lazer. I would like them to work independently so that if I have the lazer on or off I can still use the other led scenes without it affecting the lazer is that possible ?

    Hello All, I'm having a problem with scene duplication. if I have a scene called say "All On" I highlight it click the add button name it and click OK so far so good it works fine but as soon as I move it to a different position it takes on the characteristics of the previous scene

    Hello Again, I'm sorry but I have failed to transfer my project. I have copied the files to a stick with Pack and Go, I have extracted them on the target computer, I have three folders DDFs, Project and Settings. Where do I put these ? I have found where DMXC programme files are stored on the target computer

    Hello all, I like to do my DMXC show programming on my big home computer, what is the best way of transferring this to my laptop ? do I just transfer the saved file ?

    Hello all, I can't get my Velleman K8062 working, I had it working with previous versions of DMX C but it won't work with 12, also I can't find any information on how to configure my K8062 in DMX C

    Hello Again, one more thing, when I leave the programme I do a "save as" and it tells me a list of files will be deleted do I click OK to delete them or cancel ?



    Sorry but I have not understood your explanation, I have created a tab called My Lights, I click that tab, I right click on the space provided to add devices, I choose "add device" I click on the device I want then OK. the device goes to Default tab not my lights tab.

    Hello All, I have added a tab to the graphical view called My Lights but when I add a device they go on the default tab,how can I get them to go on the "my lights" tab ?