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    That sounds like an interesting project :)

    Sorry, I can't type much today. In short: With your solutions, you need to match the pendulum natural frequency very exactly - otherwise you will get resonance effects over time that will partly stop movement of your pendulum.

    That's how I would do it:

    The motor (standard electric motor) is attached to the wheel axis with a coupling, so that just some "dosed" force can reach the pendulum. If you let run the motor for about 1/4 of a period, the exact trigger time can also vary by 1/4 (1.25 sec) without giving resonance effects.
    If you don't power the motor, the pendulum swings free.

    If you power the motor with less current then it can take and also take care of the cooling (or temperature measurement), you might be able to attach the motor to the wheel directly without the need for a coupling.

    I thought of moving the motor in both directions, but if swing up and down is fast enough for your needs, it would be enough to just drive it in one direction.

    Oh, PS: That could be an easier variation, so you don't need fix points at different heights:

    Hi Rob T.,

    you don't need the beamer.out.dll - BeamerTool supports Art-Net input, and DMXControl supports Art-Net output, so this already works without copying dlls.

    You have to configure DMXControl to output Art-Net to the IP address / IP range your BeamerTool instances run, remember the port and universes you configure the output to, and configure the BeamerTool instances to the same port and universe

    Sorry, I can't help you more for now because of time reasons.


    Hi Rob,

    thanks for the questions. Yes, DMXControl 3 is still work in progress, and our programmers are working to fix the bugs. Last year was a little bit a tough year, as one of our main programmers for DMControl 3 spent some time in china and we had to prepare our yearly meeting as a "party" to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We have an article of that, sadly just in german, but the pictures will talk for itself:

    As far as I know, we also want to do an english documentation for DMXControl 3, but the documentation guys should tell you itself what's planned.
    Our Tutorial for DMXControl 3 already is aviable in engish:

    Thanks too,


    For me it's this question: I can use a 10 € DMX cable. I know it works perfectly and robust. Maybe I might have to climb up a ladder two or three times to set it up - but thats' all.
    Why should I now switch to a $159.99 system I'm not familiar with, I have to set up, I don't know how it works, I don't know if it works reliably, I even can't tell it works during production if it ran during rehearsals?

    I have only one use case I could think of considering a wireless solution: Having an actor wearing a DMX controllable costume. Look at other productions, even the Blue Man Group didn't do this wireless.

    If you use a wireless microphone and it might fail, it doesn't have such an impact. If all your lighting fixtures fail, because one wireless connection from FOH to stage fails, it has an enormeous impact. So I would suggest: Don't do it, unless there are really good reasons to do so. If you do it: rely on leading manufactures. Your DMX line is one of the backbones in your production, so take care of it.


    1) So If I start setting up the Beta version ,,,,,, I will not loose any of that work? when the Final version comes out or should I wait,,, it Looks like it would take a lot of set up & programming before I even could use it

    It might be that small details can change to final version, but as far as I know the project files should be compatible, as it has been through all the alpha and beta versions since.

    I hope it doesn't take more time for programming - otherwise the developers would have done something very wrong ^^
    With DMXControl 2 it took long time to programm effects or other stuff. With DMXControl 3 I can setup you a colour fade with five LED PARs in just a minute - including adding the devices to DMXControl configuration. Oh, you have ten devices? It doesn't take more time ;)

    2) so I can have both programs loaded on my Laptop Computer w no conflict between the two? & both programs will not overlap any system files, directories & any thing else, Etc.... & so one program will not effect the other one?

    Yes right, they both don't conflict.
    The only case where they conflict is when they both use Art-Net. On Windows XP and 7 DMXControl 2 has to be started first, for Win 8 there seems to be no solution until now:


    Hallo TonyJr,

    you can manually install an application as service:
    You just need the Resource Kit Tools for your distribution.

    For loading a project at startup just start Lumos.exe with the path to the project as parameter - it's as simple as that.


    PS: I filed two feature requests for this:…p?do=details&task_id=1792…p?do=details&task_id=1793

    In past correspondence here I learned that the next version of DMX Control would have the ability to re-map its keyboard shortcuts, and thus avoid the need for the keyboard macro program.

    Do you think of DMXControl 2.12 or DMXControl 3.0 as the next version? If 3.0 then don't wait for it as DMXControl 3.0 won't have the audio player feature, this will be added in DMXControl 3.1 which will clearly take some time to hit the ground.

    a DMX512 interface and a regular DMX interface

    I don't see a difference there ;)

    Mainly you want to merge two DMX universes to one, right? A DMX merger does such a job, search with this term and you'll find some solutions - some commercial, some hobby projects for self assembly.


    I am guessing, but your script for Autohotkeys seems to use the + and , keys to change scenes. But, without using AutoHotKeys, the + and , do nothing.

    My Script simply does the remapping - nothing more, nothing less. You have to tell DMXControl how to react to these keys.
    As I wrote remapping is only active if DMXControl or two other windows have focus - you can rewrite the script if you want, but I found it annoying if DMXControl does weird things while I'm typing on my keyboard :)

    Philipp already pointed out another fact to remember.

    I don't know which remote you have, but I use Logitech Cordless Presenter 2,4 GHz.
    Here is a small AutoHotkey script that maps all keys (six) to keys DMXControl can handle. Hope this is supported by default in DMXControl 3
    The "blank screen" key sends a dot [.] this is no problem.
    (Mapping only active if DMXControl or Submaster or Effektsequencer window has focus)

    ; ###############################################; DMXControl; -----------------------------------------------$PgUp::  If (WinActive("Submaster") OR WinActive("Effektsequencer") OR WinActive("DMXControl"))    SendInput {#}  else    KeyWait PgUp    SendInput {PgUp}  return$PgDn::  If (WinActive("Submaster") OR WinActive("Effektsequencer") OR WinActive("DMXControl"))    SendInput {+}  else    KeyWait PgDn    SendInput {PgDn}  return$F5::  KeyWait F5  If (WinActive("Submaster") OR WinActive("Effektsequencer") OR WinActive("DMXControl"))    SendInput {,}  else    SendInput {F5}  return$Esc::  KeyWait Esc  If (WinActive("Submaster") OR WinActive("Effektsequencer") OR WinActive("DMXControl"))    SendInput {,}  else    SendInput {Esc}  return$Volume_Up::  KeyWait Volume_Up  If (WinActive("Submaster") OR WinActive("Effektsequencer") OR WinActive("DMXControl"))    SendInput {ü}  else    SendInput {Volume_Up}  return$Volume_Down::  KeyWait Volume_Down  If (WinActive("Submaster") OR WinActive("Effektsequencer") OR WinActive("DMXControl"))    SendInput {ä}  else    SendInput {Volume_Down}  return

    Hallo Joe,

    you explain so much what you don't want to do that I don't understand what you want to do.

    Do you want to play a video? Then just use the software you want to.
    Do you want to embedd a video into a PowerPoint presentation? Then just do it. In my german Installation this functionallity is located in "Einfügen -> Film und Sound -> Film aus Datei..." which could be "Insert -> Video and Sound -> Video from file...".

    I think it would be the best to consult the help function in your PowerPoint install.