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    I'm relatively new to this and trying to set up DMXcontrol 3.2.1 and link it to a midi sequencer (f.e. Ableton live) to run my lightshow from there.

    1. I have already linked the lights through a USB to DMX interface to DMXcontrol and it's possible to control them through the software.
    2. From what I've read the next step would be creating a cue-list (which are like 'scenes' on a traditional DMX controller).
    3. Then I would have to link DMXcontrol to the software running the midi sequencer so that both programs can communicate with another.
    4. Finally I imagine I would have to create a ruleset in DMXcontrol's midi manager to liink midi notes to specific cues from the cuelist.

    Is that way of thinking correct and how do I route the midi data from Ableton Live to DMXControl 3 ?

    I read that other programs like DMXis use a VST-plugin for this, is that also available for DMXcontrol 3?