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    Hi guys,

    When I am working on an existing show in DMXC3 the first thing I do after launching the software is to open the project that I am working on.

    I find it annoying that the "Save project?" dialogue box pops up even though it is just the default empty project so there is nothing that needs to be saved. I know it's only a single click to get rid of it, but it's just an unnecessary obstacle :-)

    I think it would be a good idea in the next version of DMXC3 to only show the "Save project?" dialogue if something has been changed since launching the software.

    Hi guys, it's me again - sorry for all the questions!

    For some reason my channel outputs are all being offset by 1 channel.

    See the screenshot below. I've got a single RGBW par in this project. It is starting on channel 1 and uses 6 channels.

    I've set the properties to red at 100%, dimmer at 50% and strobe at 100%.

    I would expect channels 1 (red) at 100% 5 (dimmer) at 50% and 6 (strobe) at 100% as shown in the DDF.

    But instead I'm getting channels 2, 6 and 7. Channel 7 isn't even assigned to a fixture!

    Any ideas why I'm getting this offset?

    Any help much appreciated as always!

    Unfortunately editing the DDFs in the project zip file didn't work - it generated the following error:

    I copied the DDFs out from the zip file, and changed:

    <amber dmxchannel = "5" />


    <amber dmxchannel = "5" hueLeftBottom = "0" hueLeftTop = "60" hueRightTop = " 60 " hueRightBottom = " 120 " />

    Then copied them back into the zip file.

    It's only a simple project at the moment so I'll use Lightbeamer 's replace device method :-)



    Is it possible to update a DDF for devices already in use in a project?

    I have created a DDF for an RGBWA LED Parcan and used it in a project, and now want to update the DDF to include the hue work area for the amber LED. I've changed the DDF but the amber channel still doesn't seem to be used when I select amber colours.

    Is there a procedure to update the DDF in the project?

    Any help much appreciated!



    Has anybody managed to get DMX Control 3 working with the Enttec DMX USB Pro Mk.2 interface?

    It's appearing in the interface list, but isn't outputting any DMX (the status LED on the inferface remains flashing white, meaning the interface is idle - it should turn green when DMX is being transmitted)

    I've tested the interface with Enttec's own D-Pro software, and it works ok, so I don't think the interface is faulty.

    Does anybody have any ideas what could be preventing this from working?

    I've attached a screenshot of the output/interface/monitor in DMX Control 3.

    Any help would be much appreciated!



    In a future version of DMX Control, I would like to see a timeline-based cuelist editor.

    This would provide a visual representation of all of the cues along a timeline. For each cue, the start time could be dragged to whatever time you want the cue to start (this would set the timecode trigger time). Similar to the way you adjust clip in and out times in video and audio editing software.

    You could also have the ability to drag a handle to set the fade and delay times.

    It would be particularly useful if you could overlay the waveform from a piece of music.

    This would make creating light shows set to music much faster than the current method (getting the timecodes from audio editing software and manually typing them into the cuelist editor).