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    How to enable audio analyzer plugin in v.3.2? I downloaded and copied pdb and dll files into gui\plugins directory as in Wiki tutorials. In Plugin Management tab still there is only 3Dconnexion plugin. :argh:

    Thanks for you reply.

    Looks like you're right. I used DMX Workshop to test send a few commands and the symptoms are the same - the devices behave randomly, unattended moves and flashes. If, as you say, the specification requires a periodic check for the presence of devices, it means that my ARTNET interface does not meet the specification. The manufacturer has probably chosen a simpler, poorer solution.

    DMX Workshop and Wireshark are nice tools to watch traffic, so I checked how the programs that my interface works behave. QLC+, Freestyler and even Onyx simply stream data even when nothing has changed.

    And just to be clear, I'm not complaining. If it is so in the specification it means that I am unlucky, because my interface doesn't fully support it. However, if other programs seem to ignore the requirements of the specification, is it possible to place a switch in "Advanced Interface Settings" of ARTNET interface that disables periodic sending of ArtPollRequest? Only the DMX data stream itself.

    For me it would be a solution to the problem.


    When I try to use ArtNet interface DMXC3 sends weird random data to it. In attachment is Wireshark dump. There is ArtPoll, ArtPollReply and some ArtDMX data and again: ArtPoll, ArtPollReply and some data. Data is send without my activity. Light react with random movements and lighting. The same interface with Freestyler, QLC+ and Onyx works well.

    What should I do?