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    Replaced the files with those from and all buttons are now loading and displaying correctly.

    I'll play around with it a bit more, but that part would now appear to be fixed - many thanks!!

    I still have the problem that if I plug anything in to my laptop while running dmxcontrol, such as an sd card or usb device, the stream deck freezes.
    To get it to work again, I have to unplug it, and reconnect. When plugged back in, I then have to press all the buttons to get them to display again.

    Any ideas on anything that I could try?

    Hi everyone.

    I've been having issues over the past while, but things were really bad during a live event at the weekend.

    My stream deck kept disconnecting, and every now and then dmx control would freeze (have to restart).

    I have re-installed my complete system from scratch - formatted HDD, fresh copy of windows 10, and used the replacement files for both the stream deck and Entec interface from previous comments - I wanted to rule out any other software issues.

    When I first start DMX control, my stream deck has roughly a 50% chance of connecting.

    When it connects, all the buttons are displayed. When it does not, the button images are distorted. Sometimes it can be just 1 button, other times it can be several. If I go ahead and load my project, the buttons with a distorted image will not work.

    I have attached an image of the stream deck when it does not connect properly so you can see what is happening.

    To fix this issue, I have to un-plug the stream deck, and restart DMX control. Not great when I have to do this 5 or 6 times to get it working and under pressure to get everything setup! If all the buttons light up correctly, it will work fine.

    Sometimes it will work for the duration of the event (usually around 5 hours), other times stream deck will randomly freeze. Unplugging and plugging it back in will usually fix.

    Streak deck is connected to it's own USB port (not via a hub), and I have tried a different USB port / cleaned the connections.

    I can't totally rule out a hardware problem with my Lenovo laptop (8gb ram, i7 7500u), but other USB items are working fine - so I assume that it must be software.

    Would there any additional changes required to the streamdeck dll to make it more stable - or anything else that I can try?

    It really is SUPERB when it works, so don't want to go back to older methods.

    As always, many thanks :-)


    Hi everyone, I hope that you had a lovely Christmas!

    I'm having a few problems with my streamdeck, and not sure if this is the correct thread to post in, or to open a new one.

    The connection is very unstable. Sometimes when I plug the streamdeck in, the buttons (text and images) are distorted.

    This is fixed by a combination of reconnecting the stream deck / restarting DMX Control until it works. This can take a while!

    The next problem is that the stream deck will randomly disconnect. Sometimes this will only happen once or twice, other times it can be very frequent. Also silly things, such as inserting an SD card causes it to disconnect. When this happens, I have to plug it back in (and all the buttons are black until pressed).

    Is there a way to find out what might be causing this problem?

    The stream deck is connected directly to a usb on my laptop.

    My DMX interface is connected (as it has always been) via a hub.

    I am also having another minor problem - my DMX interface is not detected on start up. For it to work, I have to delete the interface, and add it again.

    As always, many thanks!

    Hi all.

    Not sure if I should start this on a new thread - let me know.

    I have spent a while setting up my stream deck buttons. It's not perfect, but working. Sometimes when you start DMX control, some of the buttons are distorted. If this happens, you have to shut down DMX control and reopen. Sometimes it will fix the problem, other times you'll have to restart the program again.

    Dmx control will also not remember my DMX interface (Enttec open DMX). Each time I start DMX Control, I have to delete the interface, and add it again for it to work.

    BUT, here's my main problem. Any of my lighting fixtures that I have programmed in that use a dimmer, shutter, and one with rgb values - to work - are not working.

    When I change values on the light fixture, it's not changing the values on the dmx output. If I use the channel overview, I can manually change the values to light up the fixture.

    I've a big event coming up tonight, and need to get to the bottom of this. Everything was working perfect until I reinstalled DMX Control 3.2, and added the stream deck.

    I have also tried replacing the DDF for the light fixture in the saved zip file.

    Is there a setting that could be affecting this, or has a problem happened that has affected all my lights DDF files?

    I have attached a log file and included the DDFs for the lights that I am using in this setup.

    Thanks again for all your help the other day, and I've started programming up some of the buttons.

    I've just loaded up DMX Control with the Stream Deck plugged in. The animation appeared on the stream deck, but was a bit distorted, and then DMX Control froze.

    I tried loading it up again with the stream deck unplugged, plugged it in, and then loaded up my project. The animation displayed as before ( distorted ), and DMX froze while loading my project.

    I'll see if I can get it loaded up, and send you through a log file if you would like to take a look.