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    Hi everybody,

    I am new to DMXControl 3 software.

    I discover ArtNet and have some question about addressing my different controllers.

    I already used sACN protocol with Vixen and unicast with DIY sACN/Neopixels fixtures, but I need some advices with DMX Control and ArtNet addressing.
    I have built some DMX input/output modules based on the ESP32 hardware and a project called LXESP32DMX (from Claude Heintz on Github) and I use them to control RGB PARs in a dance theatre.

    I found that DMX Control 3 would suit my needs because it would offer ArtNet native plugin to communicate with my modules.

    Then, I configured DMX Control 3 with a new ArtNet interface with "default" settings, just selected the right network interface, which suited my needs, and everything worked like a charm with the first module ( 4x 18 DMX channel on the first universe)

    Now, we need to add a module/controller in the second room/hall and then I am trying to figure out the best method to configure the controller and the interfaces in DMX Control.

    You'll find some pictures screenshots attached to explain how my first controller is configured both on his config tool and in DMX Control.

    I was planning to use a new DMX universe for the second controller, is that a good idea ?

    Or is it better to configure the second controller to listen for the same universe (Universe 1) and start mapping of DMX channels from the first available on DMX Control (73) ?

    Another question : does the universe 0 on ArtNet corresponds to Universe 1 on DMX ?

    Because on the first controller config tool I used this ArtNet address : 0-0-0 (Net-Subnet-Universe) and it's working.

    So if the better solution is to use another DMX universe, what do I have to configure on the second controller ? 0-0-1 for DMX universe 2 ?

    Thank you very much for your help.

    PS: I saw that my controller are capable to use RDM, but I don't really know if it's useful nor if DMX Control can deal with this...