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    Hi Uros,

    I've programmed an plugin. Cause of my bad VB6 skills I had to program it in Delphi. Please do the following:

    Extract the file attached to this post into C:\Programme\DMXControl. It contains two files:

    1. pc_dimmer2008.out.dll (this is the pluginloader for my delphi-plugins)
    2. Cypress_USB2DMX.dll (this is the plugin)

    Cypress_USB2DMX.dll has to be put into the subfolder "pc_dimmer_plugins" so that the pluginloader will find the plugin.

    Start DMXControl an activate the outputplugin "PC_DIMMER2008 Pluginloader". Click on configure and choose the "Cypress PSoC USB2DMX Interface" within the list. Click on "Konfigurieren" and you should see something like the attached picture.

    Now you have to connect the interface and the plugin should detect the device automaticly.

    Chris :)

    Hi ewanuno.

    I've programmed a DMXControl Plugin for you, that outputs MIDI-Data. You can find it in the Wiki: Wikilink

    Download the file "MidiOutput.dll" to

    "c:\Program Files\DMXControl\Plugins"

    If the folder does not exist, create it :)

    You will find the plugin in Mainmenu->Configuration->Plugins... or Mainmenu->Windows->MidiOutput

    Here is the Deeplink to the File: MidiOutput.dll