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    Hello fincaman,
    where did you copy the scene?

    To copy a scene you can go to the Cue Libary in menue Window
    there you can highlight the scene and press the copy button.
    The copied scene will then apear in the list as Copy of Old-Name.

    Now you can rename ist and use it everywere.

    Regards Uwe

    One of our major developer, Frank Brueggemann, had develop a new
    Sound2Light plugin for DMXControl 2.xx.

    The plugin is currently still Beta.

    In this thread you can find always the current version,
    also you can ask or make suggestions for improvement.

    You find the download link always in this first post.

    download Beat Detection V2.13 - 2014.03.05

    The function send spect(rum) is currently not available but in progress and
    will be work in a further version.

    Your DMXContol-Team

    we're looking for one or two English native speakers, who can review our English manual in the Wiki.

    If you are interested to help us, please contact us at uwe[at] or jens-peter[at]

    Regards your Documentation-Team

    Hello fincaman,
    just put the contens of the DDF-Folder in your "Root:\Programms\DMXControl\Devices"
    folder, if the ddfs are not already in the Device-Folder.
    Put the contens of the Project-Folder in your DMXControl Project-Folder in the folder
    "my documents".
    Put the contens of the third folder, in the "APPData\Popsoft\DMXControl" folder.

    These pathes are for XP if you have Vista, Win7 or Win8 just goggle the alternative
    folders of these OS-Systems.




    I did not see a screen w Buttons Control?

    you mean the command box in DMXC2?
    The command box in DMXC2 is in DMXC3 the plugin softpult.

    But the functionality of the softpult dosen't approached at
    the moment the command box of DMXC2.


    The current download is the Beta version,
    you don't shall it use for normal working. ;)

    Ther is no compatibility between DMXC 2.xx und DMXC3.x,
    this means you will never van export cues or chasers from
    DMXC 2.xx and import it in DMXC 3.x or reverse.

    DMXC 3.x has a new concept of saving cues, its named
    HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) see wiki link in my last post.

    By installing the programm will ask you for downloading netframework.

    Also DMXC3.0 has not the complete function of DMXC 2.12,
    but there are functions which won't be in DMXC2.xx


    if nothing goes wrong, we will relase the DMXC 3.0 at the end of year.

    Did you try the beta 4 version of DMXC 3?

    If not just make a try. ;)

    You can download it in this thread first post at the bottom.

    There is also a tutorial in the english wiki,
    the whole manual will take some time. There isn't also an german manual.


    I'm personally wary of such offers from China, especially if you already write:


    I guess I have been looking at it for a long time but I just don't know about all the other wireless out their in the Air & everybody else in the bands & everybody's using wireless & if causing interface problems!!!!!!!!!!!

    Since most the China devices are more fault susceptible, I would prefer
    something more professional. I bought the wireless DMX system of
    Codem, and I am very satisfied with it.
    However, the system has had its price.

    Transceiver about 490 Euro
    Receiver about 190 Euro

    Regards Uwe

    The English Wiki is a direct translation from the German Wiki.

    In the first step, the german Wiki will be translated with the online translators from PONS.

    In the second step this text is revised and corrected by native speakers.

    There are a few words and expression, which will be not correct translated.

    In DMXControl the word:
    device stands for the used equipment, the german word "Gerät" will always translated as equipment by Pons online translator

    control center in german Steuerzentrum will always translated as tax center

    button in german Button will always translated as badge

    to be continued

    I just find at the moment, the changes from 2.11 to 2.12 Beta from Oktober last year.
    But there were no more great changes, til the end of year.


    Hi Will,
    upgrading from 2.11 up to 2.12 is possible, the only problem
    ist the submaster.
    Stefan did good work on it, but if you use the submaste in your
    project, you have to reorganize your slider assignment.

    Therefore you have to update all sub-master combinations once. 8)

    Before you update, make as normaly a backup, then you can export
    your complete project with the Pack and Go function in the menue

    Just one tip, if you can wait until end of year, there will be a next
    version of DMXControl, because we will relase every end of year
    a new version. ;)




    Uwe: I think he talks about DDFs for DMXC 2.12 because of the name-tag, he mentioned.

    I also thought this, but because he also posted in the sub forum DDFs [v3] .
    Therefore I imagined that I ask.


    Hello Eddiie,
    can you please post your xml code, so we can help you.

    We just work on the english manual (in the Wiki),
    unfortunately, all articles aren't ready yet.


    Can you please write for witch program you
    the DDF need. DMXControl 2.12 or DMXControl 3