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    Chases Tools

    Is it possible to open the Chaser tools File (Using a text file or ????)

    and move multiple Chases to different location in the file?

    This would save me a lot of time.

    If not is it possible for a Programer do it?

    Thanks Steve

    Windows 10 64-bit versus windows 7 32-bit.

    A few years ago I accidentally loaded OS Windows 7 32bit instead of 64-bit (I hard all kinds of problem w the DMX software I was trying anything to cut down the load time I also max out the Chaser Tools / cues) I decided to test it, WOW it blow away windows 10 64- bit which took over 20 minutes to load the Chaser Tool or Command Bar.; (

    (I just start one of them as soon as possible after the program start up)

    With windows 7 32-bit it took about 4 minutes (same computer same DMX program): thumbup::)

    I'm currently delete thousands of cues I'm at 2 minutes now and I'm still redoing the program.

    I'm guessing that because VB (DMX Control) is a 32-bit program and with a OS which is 64-bit program the OS has a lot of problems /Converting it to running a 32-bit Program.

    Good luck


    So MioXM from iConnectivity worked w 2-usb AKAI APC MINI inputs and combined them into one output?

    1. Do you have the model #?

    2. I have one AKAI APC MINI programed / Teach / learn already. will DMXcontrol handle or learn 2 - AKAI APC MINI? (another plus 80 keys)

    Thanks Steve

    Thanks Stefan I will try this!

    As your DMX Cue program get bigger in size the program will crash more often & it will change to Default "German"

    I leave my on most of the time, But when shutting down , I save the program, I close all DMX windows ,,,,,,,, than I wait a 1-min or 2-Minutes than I close the program works almost 95% of the time I hope this Helps

    How do I add another Plugins to the list of Installed Plugins?

    I have one for universe 1 (Address 1)- Enttel OpenDmx Usb
    But I want to add another one for Universe 2 (Address 513)
    Since it is the same plugin & name their is only one & I need 2 listed (how do I add another one)

    1-How do I get it to be listed twice so i select it for another address 513 (Universe 2) in the Installed Plugins
    2-Will DMXControl work with 2 Identical Enttec open dmx USB Devices?

    Thanks Steve

    Mainly for Debug ,,, I reached its file size limit ,,, & The program is to slow & maybe some tweaks later
    1) Hopefully I can open some working files to edit & delete over 1000 Cue or more,,, since the program takes me over 10 minutes to delete one cue & it would takes Months to delete over 1000 cues

    2) Why - The Program after editing text in the cue name box the program locks up after editing text
    I use Task Manager & End DMXControl & I will than reload the program than I will delete some Cue & than I can add more cue But this is not a solution but is the only thing I can do right now

    Holefully I can delete some cue's & I can speed up the computer & this is the only solution I can do at this time ,,, Than maybe run two computer,, one for each universe's 1 & 2 & this would reduces the file size for both computers which will decrease the "Repository_Scenes" File" & shorten the load up time

    I hope this makes sense?

    Please read my other Thread
    "Cue Program "Repository_Scenes" File, is their a way to Edit them"

    Cue Program "Repository_Scenes" File, is their a way to Edit them?

    Thanks Steve

    I Changed to a desktop Computer last sumer & I based it on a Single Thread CPU chart & Cost
    CPU - I3-4170
    Hard drive- ssd-240g

    My Repository_Scenes is to big now its over 197,870,000. (Chasers Tool - Saved Programs)
    The program I think has reached it limit ??? (program lock up when editing text w new program when it has reached its limit)
    So I need to delete some Cue that I no longer need But as the Cue's in middle of the program take a long time for the program to delete them (when I delete them it takes over 2 minutes for the program to go thought & Delete it) even the ones close to the end of the program take a long time

    Is their a way to open the file & edit it?

    I think you want to write a cue program that you put all zero into the submaster
    you will have to do it for every submaster bar so the cue could have 1 to 12 steps or as many as you need

    Note-submaster will act up sometimes when you open/close them so you need to write clue w different Value & put them into the submaster & this will solve this problem 0 to 100%

    Here is a Example of a Fog control I setup for a RGB Lights & fog
    Fog Machine #1
    Bit 1 = Red
    Bit 2 = Green
    Bit 3= Blue
    Bit 4 = Relay to turn fog on
    Fog Machine 2, 3, 4, 5,ECT,,,,,,,
    At the end you will see
    Bit 20 is the Virtual Dimmer & you can see how it is set up & what it controls listed in the last column & for me it the brightness for the lights for Fog control #1 Red ,Green & Blue
    (Note - all bit will be off in this program. by one,, since one program starts at 000 & the other one starts at 001 not a big deal but longer program can get confusing )

    In the DMX Control program
    so I need to turn Bit 1 On (100% for Red ) & bit 20 has to have value in it to work which will control the Brightness (I use sub Master & I have programs I run to put a Value in it 25= 25% Brightness ,,, 0% = No light ,,, 100%= 100%) so I turn Red on and whatever Valve is in the Sub master the light will turn on at that Brightness

    remember - You can not over lap default bits in a Factory Address settings

    I hope this Helps


    I had to Upgrade to a Faster computer(with a Single Thread Performance Cpu)
    Desktop,,,4x faster than I have now , Their is no Laptop Fast enough to run V2

    The problem now is with running Windows 10,,, after closing the DMXControl program it will crash when closing
    & come up in German (it takes up to 12 times to open & close the program before it will exit correctly with out Crashing & come back to English)

    JP is their a Register Key Value I can Change so it Default to English?



    Update 2015 & 2016 - This is the One I use (20X or more)
    I found that Daisy Chaining to many Device does not work very Good :(
    I use a 8 Channel Signal Amplifier Distribution box to solve this Problem & it works Great for Multiple Devices ! :D

    How to Set it up

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    Using DDFCreator
    I always put the Virtual at the end & pick what channels I want
    It always worked for me if I put in the correct "Key Word Text" in the correct column (You have to use "Key words" for Each Column or it will not work) & Setting
    I will upload a file? if you want (Pic)
    You also have to put a Value in the Work Virtual Dimmer
    for it to work

    how soon do you need the project? I'll be very busy in the next two weeks. But after that you could send me your Project and I will try to find the problems.

    Thanks JP I really appreciate it :thumbup:
    Let me Know when you will need the Zip File?
    It's to big to E-mail. How should I sent you the File? (online Services)

    what other information do you need?
    I might upload some Videos




    "Chaser Tools" I think this is the main problem it might be BIG? or
    is their any TEXT descriptions or Numbering that might cause the program to think it is VB thinks its code?
    I have a lot of Gaps in the program mainly cause the program is so big its to Hard to move things UP!

    any know Letter you should not use?

    if I start deleting Blank Chaser w nothing in them (Gaps) would that help?
    See below "Typical program" (Yes I have over 2000-3000 Chasers & Motion profiles)

    anything look Odd,,,,, anybody?