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    thanks for using DMXControl. Did I understand your problem correctly? You played a song in repeat mode. The reported sound effects appear after 4 hours playing this song?

    We never tested the audioplayer in this long time mode.
    DMXControl is using the "BASS Sound System" , may be there is an error.
    May be you can check your configuration accordingly. Nevertheless, we will test this error scenario, too.

    Regards Frank

    We are proud, to have now already 100 registered members in our forum. Due to we are a freeware project, there is admittedly no gift, but we want to introduce our 100. member here:

    Jan and he comes from the Netherlands. Here is the original text of his mail
    (sounds somewhat Dutch, but much more better than my English; -)

    I want to use DMXControl for a RGB Led Disco Dance Floor.
    controlled with 80 RGB modules PBM

    the modules are from dmx4all or thewillows

    I have tried many programs however dmxcontrol works as best
    And if support is provided and received than this is super!!

    My hope is that the program can be changed in this way that the
    grafical view displays the dance floor in right colors
    currently I see only 1 lamp per channel and the color picker with colorview
    at the context mnu

    the programming should be possible with restricted knowlegde of xml and
    other programming languages
    but I will try it

    boys your program becomes nice"

    Many thanks, Jan, for the praise and we give the best in future!
    Much success with DMXControl !

    Of course, we are also pleased about user reports of all other forum members!

    The final beta version of release 2.8 is available. This is the first release with support of English language!
    Please send your feedback whether the installation runs without problems on your system and the program works fine.

    If no severe errors will reported until this weekend we want to distribute this version in several software download archives.
    You can find the setup file and release notes here:
    (or follow the software download page)

    regards Frank

    the alpha version of release 2.8 is now available. You can configure this version for english language (Menue item K(C)onfiguration -> english
    Furthermore, it contains an english help system (press F1 for individual DMXControl tools)

    You can download this alpha version from (9.8 MB)

    HINT. This is an alpha version. Possibly, the installer speaks still german. You have two options:
    reparieren - repair/re-install
    entfernen - remove old version
    Then klick "Next" , If a warning appears, klick "OK" and continue.
    Regards Frank

    the first english release of DMXControl will be available in next days (forms, messages and help system). We would be happy if a native speaker could verify our translations before official releasing. Volunteers, please send an e-mail if you are ready to support us.
    Thanks Frank

    language packages are in preparation, but not available yet (next main release will support english, hope that some more users are interested). Please use the existing documentation in english language and this forum to ask your questions.
    regards Frank

    now we have drafts of our 3 documentations in english language available. Partly these documents were created by translation tools. Of course, the tools don't now the exact technical terms in lighting technology: Is it an device or an equipment or a fixture? Do we provide a regulator or a fader etc.? Possibly, very amusing translations are in the text. For this reason we would be happy, if an english native speaking volunteer would join our team for maintening the documents (master documents are in word format .
    Also any other feedback is welcome.
    Many thanks.
    Regards Frank