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    Hi Ronny,,

    could you please describe your problem in more detail? Of course, you have fade-in times in DMXControl, e.g. in the scene list tool.
    What is your dedicated use case?




    Christian (Hoc) produced a wonderful new demo project for DMXControl (with some support from the DMXControl team) for the song "Hold On", demonstrated by the SunLite EasyView Visualizer.

    You can regard the project as a video first time. Thanks to Marten for this super video (same video in several formats):

    * wmv, 640x480, 29 MB
    * wmv, 320x240, 11 MB
    * mp4, 640x480, 40 MB
    * mp4, 320x240, 13 MB

    The demo project itself can be downloaded here:…

    Here you can find the song of "Human Eaters" used in the audioplayer:

    A detailled description is currently available only in German language (Who can help with translation into our new English wiki at ?). But here you can find some statements for configuration of the SunLite visualizer:

    Again, many thanks to Christian and Marten for their great work. We hope that you like the video. We would be very pleased about feedback.
    We are also available for questions and notes here, however.

    Hint: The life video was inserted afterwards by a video processing tool. The visualizer is not capaple to include videos. But DMXControl is able to start video files from the audioplayer.

    Please enjoy this DMXControl demo project

    Your DMXControl team

    Perfect idea!

    Please send an e-mail to info[[at]]

    I will send some instructions and the language files to you.
    It is very simple to translate DMXControl into another language.

    Regards Frank

    Now the additional domain is available to our project.
    The intention was to indicate that we are an open international freeware project. Our aim is that ".org" becomes the international page and ".de" is the entry point for information in German language.
    Currently most of our community members comes from contries with german language. Therefore we will continue with the German fora, wiki, bug tracker etc., too.

    But we hope to get more international attention by providing the new domain. On the other hand, a second domain requires lot of additional effort to keep it up-to-date. Therefore we would we happy if some DMX freaks with knowledge of English and German language could help us in maintenance.

    The domain will not change our rules. The DMXControl kernel remains freeware (but source code is not published), most of the plugins are "open source".

    Thanks for your support.

    Regards Frank


    during my business trip last week our community portal page of DMXControl-Wiki was destroyed for multiple times.
    Obviously the depth of saved history is not sufficient to restore the old content.

    I would like to ask the community to check the "recent changes" page occasionally. Is there a volunteer who would like to share the responsibility for maintenance with myself (to avoid such events in future)?




    at so many good suggestions it is rather complicated to get at a conclusion. If you asks 5 people you get 6 answers. The following saying nevertheless seems with almost all questioned marketing and native speakers to have the greatest acceptance:

    Bright lights need bright minds - join DMXControl

    I would say that our slogan is fixed now!

    Regards Frank

    Hello Ronnie,

    thanks for your offer. If your christmas light show was controlled by DMXControl we would like to have a preview at first. Afterwards we will put the video file by ourself onto the DMXControl server.

    Could you please send some additional information to our info-address info(at)
    Thanks again.

    Regards Frank

    Sorry, we didn't translate the FAQs yet. Please try the following:
    There are two driver versions by Richard (NexTec): The old one has its own setup and should run after installation.

    The new one can be loaded here:…

    It has to be installed by these commands

    regsvr32 C:\Programme\DMXControl\AGlowDrv.dll
    regsvr32 C:\Programme\DMXControl\cProgBar.ocx

    Please do not forget to install the Standard Enttec USB driver D2XX from Enttec home page at first.

    Some hints of our users in case of trouble:

    1. Please deinstall old versions regsvr32 /d <file> before
    2. Plug in the USB connection before starting your PC

    Good luck


    Many thanks for this nice compliment. Users in a foreign language who praise our project so friendly are welcome to become voluntary employees for the international "support" of DMXControl. ;)

    Regards Frank

    Sorry, here is some misunderstanding. The music and the approval for this video comes from hosh only, but the show itself was created during our last developer meeting, because this is one of the favorite songs of Matthias. Marten finalized the show and created this video. (Btw, Marten and me now also love this song)

    Some "offline" photos are available at the report from our DMXControl team meeting (text in German only):

    The DMXControl project file will be published as part of our new home page soon. Additionally, it is intended to provide a video tutorial on creation of this show, but currently there is no capacity for doing such things in our marketing team.


    We have appreciated the topic "Christmas with DMXControl" with 2 projects this year. Frank and Marten built 2 rubber light snowmen throwing snowballs at himself. Of course these objects are triggered by DMXControl. The idea to this came from There is a corresponding project report (in German only) in our Wiki at

    Nick and Christian have carried out the 2nd project themselves. It is a magnificent DMXControl audio player application to a ballet walzer of Peter Tschaikowsky. Various Christmas light elements like reindeers, christmas trees, presents etc. are steered for that. A video of this excellent project is available on the home page

    The DMXC team wishes our faithful community a Merry Christmas!
    Drop in on our home page at Christmas time!

    in parallel to Jannik I wrote this answer:

    of course, you can add new fixtures to DMXControl, e.g. see

    You will need a proper DDF for your fixture. If it is not available at the DDF downloads folders at our home page, wiki or the nextec-directory. you have to create it by own.
    Usage of the DDF editor is very helpful. You can find DDF documentation at out home page.

    Regards Frank


    Thanks to Richard, who is hosting our new English version of DMXControl Wiki within the web presentation of his Nextec project, see…DMXCWiki:Community_Portal

    Currently we have only few articles located there. The articles have been translated partially automatically with tools from German language. We would like to ask the native English users to improve the sentences linguistically. The articles are intended to become the base for future documentation and help system of DMXControl.

    Furthermore, the wiki is open for everybody to create new articles decribing tipps and expieriences with DMXControl.

    Regards Frank