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    The library ID should not be a problem, for custom DDFs you can just remove it. The ID is added automatically when you upload your DDF to the Library, but DMXControl should ignore it.

    Perhaps there is a bug within your DDF, you can open the Kernel window and check if you can see an error message there. Wrong DDFs are not shown in the add device dialog.

    You cannot see this currently. The current version is 3.1.3. This will be possible with the new version 3.2., which is not released, yet.

    The 3.2 Verison is currently in (closed) beta test and we hope to release it in a few weeks.




    no DMXControl is only available for Windows.

    DMXControl 3 is written in C# and uses Microsofts .NET Framework which is mostly only available for Windows (especially everything GUI related). Therefore we are not able to build DMXControl for any other Platform than Windows.



    The DDF Library allows you to easily archive, find and share DDFs for DMXControl 2 and DMXControl 3.

    DDF Search
    Just type the Vendor or Deivce into the search form. The DDF Library will show you all existing DDFs for the specified device.

    Didn't found the needed DDF?
    Then there are two different options for you:
    1. Create it yourself with the DDF Creator (DDF Creator 2, DDF Creator 3). You can upload your DDFs afterwards to the Library.
    2. Ask for help in this forum.

    Own DDFs
    Sign in to the DDF Library with you forum-account and use the upload form. The DDF Library is designed for puplishing finished DDFs. If you need help on creation or with partially finished DDFs, just post here in the forum. You can then later submit your final DDF to the Library.

    For now i don't think this would help. As @JPK already said, we are planning to start the development sometimes 2017, and then we first need to develop our base tool from our planned concept. If we are then at this point, adding .ild support as file input is an interesting feature, we definitely will set it on our TODO/Wishlist. But there are lots of other important things to do before, so .ild support also will then not get top priority, and is added perhaps not in the first release. Since we did not started the project already it is not possible to talk about timeplans. But i'm 99,9% sure the first release is not within the next 2 years.

    In general i think it is much to early to discuss details, especially implementation details, of the project in public before we started with it. This only makes people sad, when we then had to announce that our plans are delayed for any reasons.
    So thanks for all ideas, we will put them on the TODO List, when you have more let us know. But discussion on how to implement this feature should wait until we are ready to do this.