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    I try to give you some help - but I can't rebuild your problem itself, because I've always used a Windows XP computer.

    I copied the plugin to the root install folder, then ran the pluginadmin program, this time it appeared under the output plugins tab. I ran the program and put a check in it. So i was trying to use it as a regular plugin instead of an output plugin, and it seems to work now. But i am stuck again! I tried to find english documentation but couldn't.

    It says now error during activation- the callee (server [not server application]) is not available and disappeared; all connections are invalid. The call may have executed. try again?

    Please try to eliminate some common "errors" through checking this:
    - Run DMXControl and BeamerTool.exe as Administrator (right click on exe => run as Administrator)
    - Check Firewall settings (to be really shure, disable your internet connection and afterwards your firewall)
    - be shure a network connection (cable / wifi) is established (a connection to your router/hub/switch is enough)

    After this start DMXControl. Go on with a) or b)
    a) Enable the Beamerout.dll Plugin using the checkbox - you shouldn't do any other configuration to the plugin
    b) Enable and Configure ArtNet

    Now you can start BeamerTool.exe (don't forget Administratior Rights)
    - if you're using ArtNet then press Keyboard Button "o" for options to configure the ArtNet Settings for BeamerTool
    - Press Keyboard Button "i" to show informations about BeamerTool. Now there should be a bottom line writing something like "//ArtNet/..." or something else with lots of zeros
    - If the line doesn't show up right ahead from start then try changing some dmx channel values at DMXControl (it really doesn't matter which channel and which value - only if it's the same universe your sending through your Output Plugin to the BeamerTool - should be channel 1-512)

    Please excuse me I haven't got the software here right now to get the right expressions. I can only write what I can remember and it's half a year ago when I used it last time.

    Please try this and if it doesn't work, tell me exactly what you've done and at which point an error occurs.




    I noticed one more change at the grafic engine. (My Version 30.April 2010)
    That could be the reason why startup works much more faster - but be careful !

    I copied a gym with attached stage with easy view (Picture is attached). Just for fun i copied seating too.
    With former Versions of Easy View it took 30 - 60 seconds to load stage.
    Now it loads within 15 seconds !

    But be careful, if Shadows are enabled !
    To load my stage with enabled shadows you have to wait more than 4 minutes !

    Some more numerical Data about used RAM (of computer):
    330 Objects, 59 Fixtures used
    without "Advanced" and without "Shadows": ~94MB
    with "Advanced" and without "Shadows": ~105MB
    with both: ~542MB

    But they didn't solve one bug about grafic engine when pressing "STRG"+"ALT"+"ENTF" or when computer used screensaver or energy-saving mode of the screen, because the window of the stage remains white like at former Versions of Easy View.