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    Hello steve,

    Both interfaced you suggested don't work with port output ports. You only can use one of the ports with DMXControl.

    So the chart should be up to date.
    I think there are some few interfaces supported with more than one port (SoundLight, OksiD), but i would also recommend a second interface or an ArtNet interface with more than 1 port.

    I don't think there's a shop where you can buy an FX5 or the parts of the Noodle (Maybe someone from Germany can buy it for you and send it to the us).

    So maybe its better so search for an equal one which can be shipped to the US.

    I think another ENTTEC one should work or buy an ARTNET Node with 2 or more ports. Is supported by all lighting programs but needs some network components and/or network configuration skills.

    Best regards


    Hello Phlex

    As far as i know it's a specific output plugin for the Eurolite one.

    On the homepage we habe a space issue because there's no empty space for booth the Version 2 and 3 Plugin name.
    It's very often the Same name, but for the Eurolite interface we have a specific one in DMXC 3 and in DMXC 2 we use the entec plugin.

    Your entec maybe works with the Eurolite interface plugin.


    Hi Rob

    From the file name i think the dll ist an output plugin. So you have to copy it to the root folder of DMXControl and configure it in the output plugins window not the plugin folder.

    Or use ARTNet which Stefan suggested.


    Of course we can help you.

    First of all, DMXControl can do what you want. There are several ways to get this working.

    First of all you have to consider which type of input you want to use. DMXcontrol is capable of DMX In, Midi, Keyboard, Joystick/Gamepad. Maybe you have an old keyboard oder gamepad laying around which you then could take apart and connect your pushbutton.

    Which kind of pushbutton do you want to use?

    DMXControl always loads the last opened project. So if you autostart DMXControl all should be working without any other things to do. i've heard about interfaces which need reconfiguration each time. By the way which DMX Interface do you have or you wanna buy?

    For your sequence just use an effect which doesn't repeat an start this effect, when the input is set. Need your decision on which type of input device you are using to explain how to do this.



    As there is afterglow in the pluginname i have an guess. Some while ago the afterglow plugin was rewritten and now is the Enttec OpenDMX plugin.

    Just try your interface with the preinstalled Enttec OpenDMX USB /..... or this one from here .

    Should be the same plugin but you never know.

    Edit: The plugin preinstalled with the 2.12.1 should be the newest. In 2.12 there were same changed to this plugin.

    Also found this here in the Releasenotes of the 2.12


    * DMX-Interfaces:** Added EntTec Pro and SoundLight USBDMX-ONE output plugins
    ** Added FX5 to name of DE output plugin
    ** Removed "Afterglow Slim" plugin from installation
    ** DMX4All Output Plugin: Added deferred sending to fix problems with older interfaces (FS#158)
    ** Enttec OpenDMX: Fixed enumeration problem with multiple ** interfaces
    ** Digital Enlightenment Interface: Mode change is now automatically applied (FS#698)



    The online DDF repository isn't existing right now anymore. But there's a zip-file under Downloads -> Software named DDF-Bibliothek.

    In this zip-file are all DDF from the old DDFs from DMXControl and the online repository.

    Maybe your DDFs aren't in this zip-file because of bad quality or if there was an other better DDF.

    Hope i could help you.

    If there are some errors or your DDFs aren't in there at all just write it down here, so that i will have a look at it.

    Regards Philipp


    At first i think you have to restart DMXControl after you copied the file into the right folder.

    The problem i think is that the folder where the MIDIRemote.dat is stored changed in DMXControl 2.11

    But at the moment i don't know the correct folder.

    Regards Philipp