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    if somebody has read the german report of the developer meeting 2008,

    Report of the developer meeting

    he(or she) waits certainly for the live recording of our show in the club K14.

    Somehow we were rather proud of the result although we couldn't finish the show because of some interesting guests.
    Nevertheless we hope that you enjoy watching the video and are surprised about what's already possible with DMXControl.

    If you're confused why we used this (old) Karat song(who is Karat?): It is one of Frank's favourite songs.

    Since he always wanted a light show to the Albatros song, we gave him a pleasure as a host.
    Here the link to the video:

    Albatros Lightshow

    Greetings Marten :D

    Happy Easter,

    currently we try to find a DMXControl slogan.
    We would like to get your advise as native speaker. We have two favourite proposals for the DMXControl slogan:

    a) Bright sparks for bright light - be a part of DMXControl
    b) Bright lights need bright sparks - be a part of DMXControl

    Which version sounds better for english speaking people?

    Best regards