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    But you can do a Toggle Button on TouchOSC? In mrmr work this, then use for Starting Vergleichswert = 1000 and for Stopping Verleichswert = 0 this should Work.

    But i think the Problem isn't the Toggle. The Problem is Start/Stop because without Toggle it also doesn't work.

    Greetings Simon

    Hey Guy!

    i Think the Problem is that this version of DMXControl is Limited to the 30.01.2010 after this date DMXControl Preview shouldnt work.

    But This Error seems to be an Error by Trying to Start withgout Admin privileges.

    Please try the 2.10.5 when you have Problems starting this version Post and we will help you.

    Greetings, Simmon and sorry for my bad English i hope you understand me.


    is there Anyting like an FTDI Driver on the CD or something else?

    Can you give us more Information. When there is an FTDI Driver maybe the Afterglow Output Plugin will work.



    check xour output plugins, maybe thers no Plugin activated. When nothing helps try to reinstall DMXControl.
    Maybe you have just the Blackout Button pressed? or the Freeze button?

    Greetings, Simmon


    When DMXControl crashs there Should be an Error Reporting tool. There will an explicit discription in which Part of DMXControl the error is and what type the error is. There you can save the .err file, than its located in /program files/DMXControl. Or you just type what is thanding there or you make a screen shot.

    Have you done anything special when the DMXControl crashes? Like pressig a specific button?

    Greetings, Simmon


    what DMXControl Version di you use? You have already installed the Update 3?

    When the Problem with that could not be solved please post the Error Log, found in the DMXControl Root dir with File Type ending .err

    sorry for my bad English

    Greetings, Simmon