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    It's not possible to display more than 12 Fader.

    However you could give DMXControl 3 Beta a try. (By default 8 Executors are visible, but it's configurable)


    If I can make this usable, the next step is to figure out how to export the shows (cue lists, timings, etc) from the ION and import into DMXC, but thats for another post probably in the development section of the forum.

    DMXControl 2 does not support import of USITT ASCII, etc. and i don't think it ever will. However you will be able to import effects and probably cues? in CSV format

    Right now, Id be happy just to be able to control things easily if (when) I have to.

    I don't think that you will find it easy to control you fixtures with DMXControl if you are used to work on an ION ... at least this applies for me.

    Also at some point (this depends on how complex your shows are) you will not be able to get a show look the same in DMXControl as it does on the ION.

    DMXControl does not support something like Automark (back to the (sometimes better) old times and the extensive need for move cues ;()
    You don't have Presets and Palettes.
    Submaster don't have options like Inhibitive, Exclusive, Shielded, etc.
    Tracking and GoTo do not work (as you know it from the ION)
    There is no Parameter and no Channel timing
    You don't have Follow, Assert, (Link/Loop), Multipart Cues, Curves
    If you used Absolute/Relative Effects, especially with use of Entry/Exit behaviour, have fun creating these with DMXControl.
    And this was just what spontaneously came to my mind.

    I don't want to say thats impossible, all i want to express is that it could get a real pain and time consuming ... I've done it twice. Today i would use a backup console or if programming is finished, play the show back and record it with DMXControl. So that there is at least some (static) light on stage if the console fails.

    At some point in the future (I don't know when this will be. But we are talking in years not in weeks or months) DMXControl 3 (of which a public beta will be available within this year) will support this type of part fixtures (Part 1 Dimmer, Part 2 Scroller, Part 3 Iris)
    However this is pretty low prio, because only a few users use scrollers, motorized iris and gobo rotators.

    So besides all the negative I've said, Uwe and JPK gave some hints. You can give it a try.


    Same problem here. (Windows 7, UAC enabled)

    Even with administrative privileges i still get the error. Disabling UAC solves this.

    I don't know how you implemented the hook, but i've done one today:
    The error is ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED, probably when calling SetWindowsHookEx?
    This is how i set up the my hook. (It works pretty good)

    HHOOK h_kb_hook = SetWindowsHookEx(

    The last two paremeters are important hMod and dwThreadId have to be NULL and 0.
    See MSDN why.

    If UAC is enabled and a window from an application that has administrative privileges is active, the hook chain will not be called.
    AFAIK there is nothing you can do except disabling UAC.


    I tired that a while ago and wasn't successful either.
    I used exactly the workaround you described.
    However there is one minor tweak you can do. Create a new effect that starts the "workaround effects". Then go to Settings->Program Settings->Program Startup->Define and assign this effect.
    Now every time DMXControl is started the effects will also be started.


    1: I am trying to create a control area which houses a go and back button to run my cues, How do i create a button in the command boxes which will go back to a previous cue

    As Hoc said it's not possible. I'd say the cuelist is the part of the program where some important features are missing. At least if you are used to work on consoles.
    If you want to go back to a cue, you must select the cue in the list and then press the "play icon" twice (left icon).
    You can bind this command to a button in the command box. So the workflow would be: Select the cue you want to goto and then use the button in the commandbox.
    Unfortunately there is no direct possibility to go one cue back.
    If you use tracking (only record changes) there is absolutely no way of going back, beacuse only the content (the changes) of the cue you goto will be played back. So the look on stage isn't the same it would be if the list had run in sequence.


    fool_of_lights is right.

    OEM of the myDMX Interfaces is Nicolaudie, therefore the DasLight Plugin should work.


    It is possible, however it's not quite comfortable:

    Cue 8 is active and Cue 6 should be next.
    Select Cue 6 and press the "Play Cue List" Button (actually i don't know the correct name and don't worry, the lights will stay on) it's the left button in the Cuelist Window. Press the button again and Cue 6 will be faded in. Cue 7 is now the next Cue.

    EDIT: Ok you got it yourself


    I think the problem is, that PowerPoint allways uses the Windows Default Midi device and you can not change this in PowerPoint.
    Windows itself does not display Midi Yoke as output in the Sound Configuration, right?

    If you really have to do this with PowerPoint you may have two options.
    1) use VBA as mcbeth1307 suggested, you can use the "Mabry MIDI I/O Control" MIDIIo32.ocx to send MIDI Messages. You should have installed this, because DMXControl uses it.
    2) you need an external Midi Interface and connect the output to the input. Select this as your default midi device, and everything PowerPoint plays should be at the input, which DMXControl can listen to. Maybe if you have a game-port on your sound card, you can just wire PIN15 (in) and PIN12 (out), never tried, could work...
    Another thing you could try, if you use a different virtual midi driver than midi yoke, google midi loopback driver or something like that, maybe this one is shown in windows sound configuration dialog.


    First thing is, Address has to be 0 (Configure Midi Remote).
    Everything else looks as it should.
    Are you sure you selected Output to Midi Yoke 1 in PowerPoint?
    You can use MIDI-OX to play the midi file and monitor the results. Then try to do the same with PowerPoint an use MIDI-OX to see what was send thru Midi Yoke
    Midi Remote then should show the last incoming message.


    I don't know much about midi editors and I can't help you with yours. But here is a midi file, I created using REAPER, that has just 2 commands, Note ON (0x90) on MIDI Channel 1 with Data1 = 0 and Data2 = 127 and NoteOff (0x80) 1, 0, 0. You should be able to use this to trigger the next cue in DMXControl.


    This would probably be a good time for me to add an english translation to this plugin.
    If you have questions on how to use this plugin feel free to ask.
    I would say what Hoc described is the easiest solution for your problem.



    first of all, I measured the time, DMXControl needs to change values on 512 DMX Ch at once.
    On my system (Athlon XP 3200+) it took between 47 an 63 milliseconds.

    So what you could do is to buffer the values in an array then send them all at once with a timer (30ms interval?).
    To be sure that they are not send until every Ch has the value that it should have, as you said with flash and RGB, R and G have the new values then before B would get its value the array is send to the interface, you could measure the time between 2 function calls of SetChannel, if the time is higher than a few ms you can be sure that no flash button is pressed and then send the new values to the interface.
    To be sure that under bad conditions this method will not produce a high delay you should count how often you haven't send the values and if its to often just send the values.

    I never tried this, but i think it could work.
    Also I don't know how other plugins handle this, maybe the developers can tell more about this.

    Will this be a commercial interface or will you publish schematics and firmware?


    My guess is, you are using Windows Vista and DMXControl runs not with administrative privileges?

    You should try this,
    got to \Program Files\DMXControl\
    and run PluginAdministrator.exe,
    confirm that it should run with administrative privileges,
    then check the checkbox next to Generation AfterGlow Slim plugin and close the window.

    Here is a wiki article which describes this problem, but its only in german.

    If you run the PluginAdministrator.exe, is it in german oder english?