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    Hi Peter,

    welcome in our Forum.

    Please don't be confused. I have shortened your Thread-Title and copied it to your post (because it was a little too long)

    I'm not that good in Netherlands, but I think I got your basic-Question.

    But first. Can you please post in German or English - because that the only two languages we really understand, so we can help you much better :-)

    Now to your question:

    As I understand you got a DMX512-Controller and you have some Issues with selecting one Scene-List or Chaser.

    Can you please be a bit more specific what Type of Controller you use ? (Brand, Model)

    Otherwise, we can't give you any further advises, because there're so many different Controllers on the market.

    Hi sbr,
    unfortunately there's currently no Plugin or Driver for DMXControl 2 or DMXControl 3 to support the Nicolaudie Interfaces.
    But we purchased a Dev-Kit from Nicolaudie a few weeks ago.
    So maybe in the future, there'll be a Plugin to support the Nicolaudie-Interface-Series.

    Regards, Souko

    If you buy an Arduino Uno clone from China, the serial interface chips are not what you might expect. The serial interface is a CH340 UART and it requires a different driver than the one supplied with either the Arduino or ATMEL software.

    rieka, we don't talk about Arduino ! We talk about the bare Microcontroller - these are directly shipped from Atmel with preloaded DFU-Bootloader. There's no Serial to USB Chip or similar.

    Hm, thats strange !
    If the ATMega32U4 was a new one, there must be a DFU-Bootloader which you can program with Atmels Flip-Tool via USB.
    This is so specified by Atmel and is also sold by Atmel.

    Maybe you got a "China"-One ?
    Or you haven't installed the DFU-Drivers before you tried to program with FLIP.

    there's already a bootloader on the ATMega32U4 !
    If you pull down Pin HWB and performing a Reset, the ATMega will start it's internal DFU-Bootlader.
    Then you can Upload the .hex-File by Using Atmels FLIP!-Tool via USB.


    yes, there's an issue with variable bitrates in mp3-files and DMXControl.

    DMXControl cannot sync the Waveform and the Variable MP3-Bitrates.

    You've to convert your files to fix-Bitrates like 128 kbit/s or 192 kbit/s or something else.

    Regards, Souko ^^

    no Problem.

    This Message means, there are already some Files from another Project with the same File-name.
    So Your current Project will overwrite all the Files from the other Project.

    Thats because DMXControl Saves one Project in many Files (one for Audioplayer, one for Command-Box, etc.)

    So, if you want to save a Project with same Name, you have to choose another Folder.

    If you want to delete a Project, you must delete all the Files, wich contains the
    Project-Name, or you get these Error, if you save a New Project with the same Name than the older one.

    If you want to overwrite the Files, just klick OK. To stop the Save-Process klick Cancel.

    If you just opend the Project, and you have performed some changes and you want to save it in the Same Directory, just klick "Save" and not "Save As"

    I hope my reply will help you, and sorry, if my English is terrible.

    Regards, Souko

    Hi fincaman,

    yes, thats the default Function.

    First Add your Device.
    Now you have to go to the "Default" tab and do a right-click on the device, wich you want to move to the "My lights" tab and chose the Menu-entry "Tab" and select "My Lights" in the Sub-menu, wich will appear.

    Now the Device will move to the "My lights" Tab

    Regards, Souko

    that's easy,
    first create your scene in the Scene-library and name it "MyScene" or similar
    -> Window-> Show Scene Library
    or press "Ctrl+S"

    then go to your Submaster and klick on the "-" below the Fader.
    Choose "Command"
    a new Window will appear
    in the Dropdown choose "Scene Library" then choose "MyScene" and "Fade-In"
    just klick OK and The Fader will control your Static Scene.

    Regards, Souko aka Marcel


    the German "beginners-Tutorial" is the Manual as PDF-File.…_Handbuch_2_9_Dez2006.pdf

    But you can Copy n Paste it to Babelfish.

    The new English Version of the Tutorial/Manual will come together with DMXControl 2.11, wich is still in progress.

    But at the Moment I'm a little in trouble, because we are also in developement for the 3.0 Series from DMXControl, wich is full English-Coded ;) ant it needs a lot of "Manpower"

    If any Time-critical Questions, you can also write an IM to my ICQ-Account 191-088-812 or an E-Mail to

    It is useful for me to get feedback from Intenational Users. So do not be shy and be quiet criticism :thumbup:

    Hi Joe,

    sorry, an English "Getting Started" Tutorial is at the Moment not avalible. But it's one of my next Projects.

    You can use the Submaster-Panel for control your PAR's Spots.

    FIrst you must add some Devices on your "Graphical View" -> Klick on the Eye-Icon in the Mainbar, a new window will appear.

    Then right-klick on the free area insinde the Window and klick "Add Device"

    in the next, small, Window you cann choose your Devices. Choose "Generic" -> "Dimmer"

    Qantity and First Adresses should be Self-explained.

    Next klick OK.

    Now you will see 4 PAR-Icons in the Graphical view. Klick on it and a Popup will appear. here you can Control your PAR'S directly.

    Now go to the Sumaster-Window, klick on the new Cross-icon, choose a Name for the Submaster-Ban like "Bank one", klick on the "-" bellow the Fader an choose "Channels"

    in the next Window choose one or more Device-Channels and klick OK. these Channels are now connectet to your Submaster and you can Control you Pars. If you klick on the text on the Left side of the Faderm you can Change the Fader-Label.


    Souko aka Marcel

    PS.: Sorry for some horrible English Mistakes ;-) I'm not a native speaker

    first, EasyView 3D is an third-Party Software from had no Idea for fixing your problems with this tool.

    The PluginAdmin sets only the permissions/rights to write and Read on the Plugins wihtout Admin-Rights for DMXControl.

    You have to activate the needed Plugins in the DMXControl Settings seperately.

    There are no other things in Vista to look at... It will work fine, i use Vista since half Year on many Stages and Shows without Problems.

    And no problem for your english, i'm a German.. my English is not really better ^^

    Souko aka Marcel


    I think your PC has Vista or Seven installed.

    Please use the Plugin-Administrator (ICON: White Hook on green Ground) in the DMXControl-Homedir (C:\Program Files\DMXControl) and set all the Plugins to enabled !

    Perhaps that should fix your Porblem.

    If there are no Plugins in the Plugin-Administrator Reinstall DMXControl with Admin Rights -> Ríghtklick on Setupfile an "Run as Administrator" (Your Projects will not touched)

    And then run the PluginAdministrator again.


    Souko aka Marcel

    I use DMXControl with Windows Seven Ultimate since two Months.
    I did aprox. 30 Events with it, it works very fine.
    Together with the "Digital Enlightenment USB DMX Interface" there're no Problems.

    (Sorry for my English, i did my very best ^^ )

    Regards, Souko