Update Beat Detection plugin for DMXControl 2, was "Brand new Sound2Light plugin for DMXControl 2"

  • One of our major developer, Frank Brueggemann, had develop a new
    Sound2Light plugin for DMXControl 2.xx.

    The plugin is currently still Beta.

    In this thread you can find always the current version,
    also you can ask or make suggestions for improvement.

    You find the download link always in this first post.

    download Beat Detection V2.13 - 2014.03.05

    The function send spect(rum) is currently not available but in progress and
    will be work in a further version.

    Your DMXContol-Team

  • Now you find a new update in the first post, there are several changes

    - you find the Configuration of the BeatDetection now in the Plugin-Configuration
    - VU-Configuration bug (Error while reading c:\...) repaired
    - "Number of Subbands" bug repaired
    - Display of the (Spektrum and VU) optimized

    The plugin is stll in beta state.

    Regards Uwe

  • Hello,
    just a new update from Frank's Beat Detection plugin for DMXC2,
    you'll find the download as usual in the first post.

    There are no informations about bug fixes, but there are all
    bus fixed which are posted in the german thread.

    - the VU-meter has some new modes (try to double klick on the VU-Meter graphic)

    Regards Uwe

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