Beat triggered flash

  • Hi,

    I've been a user of 2.11, and have recently upgraded to 2.12 with no problems. Thanks to all who have made this great program possible!!

    I have not been able to do something that I think should be quite simple. I want to flash a light for, say, 0.2 seconds, on every beat of the music. So, for example, if the music were BPM = 120, then the light would come on for 0.2 secs, and off for 0.3 secs.

    Can anyone suggest how I can do this? If I set up an effect sequence, with Repeat and Beat triggered, then set a single scene (step) within it with Fade in = 0, and Duration = 0.2, the light just stays on. The problem is that there is nothing to tell the light to turn off at the end of the step. If I add a "turn off" step, then the light will turn ON on one beat, and turn OFF on the next beat. Not what I want.

    Can anyone suggest how I can do what I want?


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