DMXControl: More sound controls?

  • Hi,

    Nice to have few more simple and flexible functions to control sound playback:

    1. I found no way to control output level of the track playing by Audioplayer. There is no control command to set it's volume (or I can't find it :)). No "Volume Set" command for AudioTrack/Selected. Imagine, I want to drop volume temporary by pressing Command Button or even by using Fader of the submaster

    2. Volume control command for "Audio" Channel works strange manner (or I don't understand correct useage):

    - Only FULL fadeout works correctly supporting "Fade-in Time" value - so you can gradually mute-out audio track in given Fade-in Time. But there is no way GRADUALLY set GIVEN value - it sets abruptly.

    - If Use "Given Value" AND "Use Fade-in Time" flags are set simultaneously "Given Value" has priority - so first "Given Value" sets abrruptly and "Fade-in Time" doesn't affect

    So for example no way to set volume say 50% gradually in given Fade-in Time.

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