upgrading to V2.12 from 2.11

  • I'm currently running V2.11 and have been doing so for over a year. I run the lights for my band from it using a midi foot controller to change the chases. It's a great piece of software and enables scenes and chases that just can't be achieved using a lighting desk.

    I've just seen that V2.12 is available and need to know if the upgrade will retain all my scene and chase settings as well as my midi control configuration.

    Has anyone dome this and did it work smoothly without loosing anything?


    Will H

  • Hi Will,
    upgrading from 2.11 up to 2.12 is possible, the only problem
    ist the submaster.
    Stefan did good work on it, but if you use the submaste in your
    project, you have to reorganize your slider assignment.

    Therefore you have to update all sub-master combinations once. 8)

    Before you update, make as normaly a backup, then you can export
    your complete project with the Pack and Go function in the menue

    Just one tip, if you can wait until end of year, there will be a next
    version of DMXControl, because we will relase every end of year
    a new version. ;)


  • Hi Uwe,

    Thanks for the reply. As always you are a source of good information. I'm not using the Submaster at all so shouldn't have a problem.
    I'll think about waiting until the new year. Was there any significant change between V2.11 and V2.12?

  • Hi,
    I just find at the moment, the changes from 2.11 to 2.12 Beta from Oktober last year.
    But there were no more great changes, til the end of year.


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