DMX Crashes on Exit

  • Hi,

    DMX Control crashes more than it does not when exiting the program. When this happens, the language changes back to Geman and it takes about 5 or 6 tries before I am able to set it back to English and close the program without crashing. Then crash again.

    How can I fix?

    Thank you.

  • Hi and welcome in this forum,
    this is a very strange behavior and I havn`t heared of any bug in DMXC which can cause such problems. Do you use a Windows version with active UAC (Vista and newer)? Maybe it helps to start DMXC with administrator-rights. Or do you use an anti-virus-software? Perhaps this software blocks some actions of DMXC and you can solve the problem by adding DMXC to the trusted programs list of your anti-virus software. The third option would be a reinstall of DMXC because this could fix your problem as well.

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  • Same Here! Let me know if this Helps?

    This is what I did to help solve problem (about 95% to 99% of it)

    1) I Save the progam or a good programming trick is to save it & use the "save As" - program Name or default pr1 than pr2 & I do this often, after any major programming or Time , just to be on the safe side & to have many backups, (I like to be save)

    2) I Close every DmxControl Window first / (Program) that is open

    3) After everything is closed than Exit the program (Works 95% of the time, the other 5% maybe I forgot to do it? TBD?)

    4) TBD - try this steps first & than we all need to keep track of it! & if it happends again Maybe thiers a Pattern & if possable,, we can figure it out & maybe make it 100% safe????


    5) I lost files from the "Audio Player" & "Cue List" Never lost any files from "Chasers Files" (ok I remember losing the "Cue list" cuz I had a bad program loop & the program was going so fast I could not stop it & I shut down the program & lost all the files from the "Cue list"

    What files have you Guys lost?????


    Can I get them Back?? Lost Files w in a file?

    My Question is - After a shut down I lost my the Cue List & another time I lost My Audio player Manager Files :argh: Since I save the program at "pr80" & I did not notices it till saved "Pr90" I still have them saved ( :) maybe)

    So can I recover my lost "Cue List" Files & "Audioplayer" Files

    1)- Some how Export it - Wave Manger & Cue List - Can I somehow open the file & export it? (Copy) from old Program

    3)-Than Some how Import it - Than Import it into the latest Program (Paste)?

    Any Ideas ?

    I'm currently trying to stay away from using the "Cue List" & I'm currently using the "AudioPlayer" as my Guide to making a Light show for a Live Show Using a Audio file from a show But I have to load a Old "prxx" to do it (Since a old program is getting older every day as I add to my "Chasers tool" Program" 8|

  • Update
    I was trying to get the program to run faster so I ran it as a Administrator

    So Don't run this program as a Administrator :thumbdown: (English settings?) I had all kinds of problems it crashed a lot & kept going back to default German language,,,, it crashed when closing the program & after the crash it chanced it back to German ,,,, so I changed it back to run as a normal program & it worked a lot better :D

  • I am not an old user ( few weeks only *) but it seems the problem appears if
    - interface is disconnected before exiting the program
    - the DMX-control main window is closed

    I do not have anymore the problem if I exit thru "exit" in the the main menu

    *DMX Control 2.12 in France english version with 3 Strairville PAR

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