Big thank's to the developers and all involved in creating and supporting DMXC and plugins !

  • I am sorry to see that the english part of the DMXC forum is not used more frequently. But although I read al lot in the German forums, I still do'nt feel confident enough to write in German (just yet :S ). I don't write in many forums anyway, but now I just couldn't resist to register at this forum and leave a post.

    I've been using DMXC for a number of years now. I use DMXC at a few events a year where I am the DJ and/or do some (extra) lighting. When I discovered DMXC I was amazed by it's flexibility by using beat control, midi and even ambilight. Now a few days back I took the step of installing the DMXC 3.0 beta 3 and was amazed by the new features like color matching (great when using rgb spots and 2 different movinghead types like I am). I just found myself needing to say; Keep up the good work!!!

    Many, many thank's from the Netherlands!

  • Hi,
    thank you for your positive feedback :).

    I am sorry to see that the english part of the DMXC forum is not used more frequently.

    I think, one reason for that is the forum main page, where the english part of the forum is only on the bottom of the page, even if you visit it over the international web link ("", normaly ""). Even the forums interface is in german. We discussed about some alternatives weeks ago in one of our internal meetings, but we had not enought time to find a good way to do it yet, because there are some more important things to do (finish the beta-test of DMXC3.0, creating a DMXC 3 manual, updating the project-homepage,....).

    But we do something for the international users: One of our actual tasks is to translate the german DMXC 2.12 manual into english :).

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