VU meter in DMXC

  • Hi,
    we just try to get an englisch manual.
    But the main problem is, there is no one
    who is good enought to write one. ;)

    What we need are some guys which can
    help us to write the englisch manual.

    We prefer teachers german/englisch. :D

    The new DMXControl 3 will come with an
    englisch manual, but this will take some time.
    I think two or four weeks.

    Greets Uwe

  • Hi,
    about this vu-meter feature: I found the information about the vu-meter feature in this german passage (chapter 14, Sound Analyzer):


    Das « VU-Meter » ist am einfachsten zu verstehen, wenn man es selber sieht. Daher sollte zu Testzwecken einem Spektrumbalken, anstatt einem Gerät, die Dimmerkanäle von 4-8 Geräten zugeordnet werden. Ist die Auswahl Radio-Button « Alle gleich » gesetzt, ist das Verhalten bei allen Lampen gleich. Lautet die Wahl allerdings Radio-Button « VU-Meter » (seit 2.11 möglich), so teilt sich der Ausschlag auf alle 4-8 Balken auf. (Ideal in der grafischen Bühnenansicht zu beobachten bei
    Positionierung von Generic-Dimmern nebeneinander.)

    My "fast" try to translate and discribe it (translated manualy ;)):


    The easyest way to understand the vu-meter feature is to see it at work. To get good results, assign the dimmer channes of 4-8 fixtures to one spectrum bar. If "Alle gleich" ("all same") is selected, all fixtures should work in the same way (values on all dimmer channes are equal). But if "vu-meter" is selected, the hight of the selected spectrum bar (representing the loudness of a special pitch level) is converted into the count of fictures, which are active (the ideal way to see it is to setup all fixtures side by side, sorted by channelcount.

    I hope this translation will help you. If not, I can try to discribe it in an other way (but as you can see, my english isn't realy good)

    English manuals:
    Bad news first: There isn't an english manual for DMXC 2 yet :( And there are other more important tasks to do (see below). But I will enter this point (english DMXC2 manual) on our agenda for the marketing-meeting on our annual meeting in a few weeks. So I hope, we will have an english DMXC 2 manual soon.

    good news: For DMXC 3 we have translated the tutorial into english (this is, what Uwe is talking about). A native english speaker is reading and correcting this tutorial at the moment. After that, we will release it in the english section of our Wiki (in about a few weeks).

    In the next months, we will also expand this tutorial into a full featured manual which will be written in english at first and then be translated into german (the tutorial was written the other way round). This will ensure a more up to date english DMXC 3 manual.

    im Falle eines Falles klebt Gaffa einfach alles, denn Gaffa ist dein Freund und Helfer :thumbup:

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  • Hi,
    thank You, that`s enough information for me.
    I check all news in German forum with web translator now, due to all good and useful news are there.
    As my native language neither German nor English is not quite easy.

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