• Hi,
    maybe the developer of DMXControl or some one else can write an output plugin for DMXControl.
    I can't develop one, but I'm shure that there is one who can write a plugin

    Greeting Jonas

    EDIT: Here for interrested guys the link the interface:
    Gruß Jonas
  • I also have just purchased this interface, the specifications are very high, as is the build quality (and it also allows for future RDM upgrade via firmware).

    I have succesfully configured the interface and have connected it to my scanners using the Enttec Pro/VCP route as per earlier thread entries but I just can not get the scanners to move smoothly at all. Has anyone else had this problem and managed to fix it?

    Using the Enttec Pro settings for this interface in Freestyler works fine (i.e. very fluid movements) but I would really like to use it in DMXC as this is my favourite software and where my existing shows are.

    Do I need to change any settings in order to get them to move smoothly with DMXC? I am using Frame Rate of 40, Break Time of 88, Mark of 8 and Delay After Set of 0. These settings work fine for Enttec Pro interface in Freestyler. I have tried higher values and in multiple combinations but as yet nothing has worked for DMXC :(

    Not sure if useful but there is a PDF about the more technical side of the interface attached to this post. Thanks for any help.
    • tri_user_guide.pdf

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  • DMX-TRI Plugin for DMXC

    Hello all.


    Just to let you know that yesterday, we started the development of an API to specifically support the DMX-TRI using the standard command set, without the requirement of the VCP and to provide additional configuration / upgrade tools. I will post here again in the next day or so with links to a bata version and dependencies.

    Regards all

  • RE: Bata version of DMX-TRI Plugin

    Hi Hamish - thank you so much for adding specific plug-in support for your interface to DMXC.

    I have had a quick play and the plug-in is excellent in terms of being able to change the settings within DMXC and also use the USB port.

    I haven't tested against anything other than my scanners yet (eg LED Pars and Laser etc.) but unfortunately I am still getting the jerky movements.

    I have tried with my own make of Scanner (HQ Power Aeron 250 II) and also some Clay Paky Golden Scan 3s within the virtual interface.

    The WYSIWYG nature of virtual interface also replicates what happens IRL. I.e. when the DMX-TRI interface is running the scanners movements become jerky although when it is switched off they become smooth again.

    I have tried changing al the settings again (much easier now thanks to the plug-in :) ) although I don't truly understand what I am changing and they don't appear to be doing much.

    I have also tried running DMCX/DMX-TRI combo on my tablet (old and clunky but what I mainly use) and now also on my core i7 which has shed loads of CPU power and RAM etc. and both give the same result so I don't think it is specific to to the machine being used.

    I don't know if this is helpful feedback or not, but if you need any further information or testing resource let me know and I will gladly help out.
  • Update - Isolating the problem

    Progress Report

    I've been looking into the latancy problem, and have yet to re-create it. If anybody else out there has experienced similar issues, I'd be keen to hear from them. In particular, on which OS the DMXC application was being run from and which other USB periferals have been used with the PC (Not just DMX ones).

    If any one has had issues with any other interface, similar to the one described, then again, I'd be interested to know which OS DMXC is being run on.

    I'll report back when I find out more.

    PS. If any one intends to run a venerable Futurescan 2CE from a DMX controller, then swap the connections on pins 2 + 3