showtec Light Jockey und Eurolite TS-2 Scanner

Happy New Year!!
Again an exciting year with many events has come to an end. The forum shines in a new style and offers you now even more possibilities for the communication with us and the community. On our central item, the software DMXControl, our developers worked in the background diligently. Unfortunately, we were not able to provide the update DMXControl 3.0.1 yet. In spite of intensive works of our developers during the last weeks, we had problems with some parts of DMXControl 3. However, the works for it go on and we try to release it as fast as possible.
Beside these works there were also a few changes in our association. As you might have noticed, we have bundled up the IT competence in the new IT infrastructure team to be able to implement innovations much better and to be able to react faster to problems.

However, at this point we would also like to thank you. Your mutual assistance and support for problems of community members is great. The friendly atmosphere in this forum is unprecedented in our eye. Hence, we are glad about 2016 with you.

With this in mind we wish you and your families a Happy New Year
Your DMXControl Projects e.V.-Team
  • showtec Light Jockey und Eurolite TS-2 Scanner


    ich habe ein Problem mit meinem Eurolite TS-2 DMX-Scanner und dem Light Jockey von Showtec:

    Der Scanner reagiert nicht auf meine Befehle im manuellen Modus des Controllers...

    Wie kann ich Scanner und DMX-Pult gleich adressieren?

    Hat jemand Erfahrungen mit dem Light Jockey von Showtec oder dem Eurolite TS-2?

    Bitte um Hilfe...

    Danke im Voraus...

    aaltser 8)
  • Sorry für die späte Antwort. Als erstes, die Steuerung ist Rotz. Ich selber hatte das Baugleiche Teil von Botex, aber nicht lange. Ich habs umgetauscht gegen was ordentliches.

    Hast du schon mal probiert den Scanner auf Kanal 1 zu stellen? Eigentlich müsste das funktionieren (logisch, oder?)
    Du musst auch den Blackout deaktivieren am Pult ;) Einige vergessen das auch. :D

    DMXControl 2.10.5
    2x nvent Open CoreDMX IF, 2x billig Variante
    4x GLP MAX ;2x IMG Stageline TWIST 252
    2x Eurolite TS3 ;4x Stairville LED PAR 56
    3x 4ch. Dimmerpacks ;1x STAIRVILLE SF-1000;1x Profog K120,
    1x Blinder ;12x PAR 56 short ;8x LED PAR 56
    1x 1500W Strobe ;1x UV Fluter
    1x DMX Controller mit Batterie
    1x Beamer

    kleine Effekte