DDF for VR Stage Lighting (VRSL)?

  • I am a user of VRSL, a project that develops light fixture prefabs for use in worlds on the social platform VRChat, which can also be controlled using actual ArtNet-compatible software using an application that converts the channel outputs into a grid, embedded into video streams sent into the world.

    The fixture definitions can be found here; their movers are specifically based on the PicoBeam 60 COB.

  • Hello!

    For a larger part, you don't need to create new DDFs. You can use the Generic DDFs, they are delivered in different variations. These you can use also as basis for create your own one. But beside the name, there are now furthers edits needs - especially for these fixtures, their definition consist of dimmer, color (red, green and blue) and strobe.

    Maybe you can refer also our documentation in our Wiki. They is only available in German, but I guess, with a translation tool, you will get the main information. DDF documentation and DDF tutorial.

    Best regards, Stefan