4x8 Matrix with Incandescent light bulbs

  • Hi,

    I wan to build and control a 4x8 Matrix with Incandescent light bulbs.

    I found some very nice Strandlightning Floorlights with E27 100W bulbs. The have mate reflector screen and just look beautiful.

    I use the as "light towers" on the stage of a local band. Just dimmed and flashe. The warm look is amazin. No LED, of course.

    Currently I am controlling 4x4 Eurolight dimmers with a Behringer LC2412, but its not really great.

    First, I need to switch to full 8 channel dimmers. I bould some 12ch dmx dimmers from Ali Express.

    Second, I need to Software and a Interface to controll the Matrix.

    I am really looking for something that can handle the towers to make nice patterns and fades.

    I can think of a whole list of "effects" but they must all be programmed manually.

    How would you design this part with DMXcontrol?

    I just have this cheap Lixada uDMX Interface availabel rigth now.



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