• Please add a "Text Book: feature to DMXC-3 soon. It was a nice and very useful feature distinguishing DMXC from other lighting control SW. Thank you!

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  • Hi,

    there is actually a plugin, which adds this functionality to DMXControl 3. You can find it here: Textbuch Plugin Unfortunately, it only works with DMXControl 3.2.2 and not with 3.2.3 due to some Microsoft issues which the developer of this plugin can not work around easy. The issue with it is only described in German here: Textbuch Plugin funktioniert mit DMXC 3.2.3 nicht A mitigation for this issue is currently investigated. But as I said, there is no easy solution for it. But with the right Version of DMXControl 3 you can use this plugin kind of in the way it is possible in DMXControl 2. I have used it for some of my last shows as well.