TeensyDMX (4.2 latest Jan'23) vs DMXSerial2, with RDM

  • Trying to decide which is the better approach here for a RDM device (client device, mainly for lighting, mainly receive)

    Needs to support RDM to set address, model, ID and to read sensors.

    initially simple RGB/RGBW is ok (future may need matrix), with 2-4 sensors.

    I have this working on Duo/Leonardo with DMXSerial2 (+ Mods), seems happy, and fast enough for a client device. also need to be low-cost (< $3)

    I see the TeensyDMX 4.2 has a LOT more control over the Break, MAB etc

    So questions

    1) do i need to consider TeensyDMX ?

    2) What are the advantages / disadvantages ?

    3) I don't see any RGBW examples, nor any RDM examples in the src ?

    4) Also hardware, if I want to use DMXShield board, i need a convertor like here, any better method ?

    5) anyone written a bootloader/firmware download over DMX ? would be very appreciative of help here...

    Appreciate all the replies and help. Thanks

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