DMX and Timecode

  • Newbe here,

    Excited to see an application that I was dreaming of for ages, one that appears to allow DMX cues/scenes via Midi Timecode and audio waveform view.

    But then


    I see that the player has timecode listed but I cannot find anyway to run a show on timecode.

    So I thought maybe it was an older version so I downloaded DMXcontrol3 but I cannot see how to even start it. A lot of files installed but I do not see dmxcontrol3.exe anywhere

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  • Hi and welcome in our forum,

    first, DMXControl 2 and 3 are totally different applications. Due to some limitations with the code language of DMXControl 2 we started to redesign our Software about 15 Years ago. It uses another code language and there are some other concepts fundamentally changed. One of it is that there is now a Server/Client-System. The Server is the Lumos.exe in the Kernel folder of DMXControl 3 and the UI client is the LumosGUI.exe in the GUI folder.

    Our goal was and is to replace DMXControl 2 with DMXControl 3. However, due to the fact that there are some few things left, we have not representation in DMXControl 3, we still provide DMXControl 2. One of this elements is the so called audio player in DMXControl 2, a form of timecode player to play an audio file with waveform. We are still working on this type of window in DMXControl 3 and will be released with version 3.3.0 (the next one which will be released). Until then, there is a way to run audio files in DMXControl 3 which produce a timecode internally, which can be used to trigger different cues.

    As I have it in mind (barely used DMXControl 2 for years now :saint:) there was a way to control the audio player in DMXC 2 via external control as well. But I don't know, if there was a way to control it via Midi timecodes. Maybe, our main dev for DMXC 2 can answer this question.

    I hope, that I have answered at least a few of your questions :)