Go and GoBack button in executor

  • Hello and thanks for the forum and the your great work, for the software "DMX Control".

    Excusme for stupid question: in an executor how can you go back a cue I tried but I couldn't, it works well just going forward, if possible using Go button in loop mode, example in a executor with 2 cue; presss go and cue execute 1 step, press go and cue execute 2 step, press go and cue come back at 1 step. If possible? Excusme for my bad English and thanks again.

  • Hi and welcome in our forum,

    unfortunately the current executors in DMXControl 3.2.2 have no option to go back a cue. There is currently a fixed mapping of the for buttons to the displayed functions and this mapping can not be changed. However, the executors will be redesigned in DMXControl 3.3 and there will be an option to change the mapping of the four buttons. With this, you will have the ability to add the go back function to one of the buttons. We plan to release DMXControl 3.3 around the 2nd - 3rd quarter of 2022.



    Excusme for stupid question

    There are only a few stupid questions out there and your's is not one of it :)

  • Many many Thanks :)

    Thanks for the welcome to the forum and and the very fast reply. Thanks again