Enttec DMX USB Pro does not work with DMX Control 3

  • Hello all,
    I'm Davide, I'm new in this forum.

    I'm trying to setting up my Enttec DMX USB Pro into DMX Control 3.2.2 but could be that I'm doing something wrong:

    I checked my interface with Enttec software and seems that interface is working but DMX Control does not recognize it.

    When I try to add interface in DMX COntrol, I cannot found my interface, as you can see in the screenshot below

    I read and follow the tutorial but I cannot solve this.

    I also installed the latest D2xx and VCP driver without any positive results.

    Can I check something else?

    Many thanks to anyone can help me, any help would be much appreciated!



  • Did you check below the MK2 Branch? And also, (sorry for asking), are you sure you have the Pro one? I am asking because a lot of users here confuse the Pro Interface with the regular Open one.

    Did you try out the Interface with a different Software? Does it work there? I want to figure out, how certain you are that the interface is working. Trying to rule out the obvious errors.



  • Dear Arne,

    first of all, many thanks for your answer!

    I can confirm that my interface is the Pro interface, as shown in the screenshot below:

    As you suggest, I checked below MK2 but there is no interface.

    Trying with Enttec DMX Send test, interface works properly.
    I tested with another software and interface is detected and works correctly.

    Thanks for help!