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  • I am hoping someone can help me with what I think is and ArtNet question. I am using DMXControl 3.2.2 and an Enttec ODE Mk2 interface. I have this working fine with Vibrio (iPad) but I am finding that I have some inconsistencies in behaviour when I try to use DMXControl to control my devices. The symptoms are that I get some random behavoiurs on the devices I am using.
    I added ArtNet by adding DMX Interface and using the 'Artistic Licence' ArtNet option. I do seem to be able to control the devices but they time out and have random transient effects. (It affects both my DMX devices and as said they behave fine under Vibrio. (yes I have shut down the vibrio when it is not in use.

    I note that in other configurations there are options to configure the IP address of the Ethernet interface for info I attach the settings from within DMXControl. Can anyone advise a solution? (There is comment saying don't buy the cheapest interface, and I thought that Enttec would be fine.
    All help appreciated as I learn my way around DMX



  • Hi and welcome in our forum :)

    I would recommend to install DMX-Workshop ( With this tool, you can check your artnet configuration (see, if DMXControl 3 sends correctly, test your Artnet node,....) and try to find the problem.

    I note that in other configurations there are options to configure the IP address of the Ethernet interface

    DMXControl 3 works with the respective ethernet interface, detects your artnet nodes and send multicasts / broadcasts to all artnet nodes in the network. Thus you only have to select the IP address of the respective ethernet port of your pc.

  • Thank you both for the advice. I have installed dmx workshop and it reports that the configuration is ok (DMX out) (DMX in is not a concern for what I am doing)
    I have also put WireShark onn the system so I can see the communication. I will try to get some captures later on this week - is there any advice on what filters to use to see the data? There seems to be lost of stuff with seemingly random universes flying around.

    I take the suggestion about having the DMX network interface separate from all the other traffic (i.e having a wifi router specifically for this, or not having the other traffic around). I could do this, but I would rather keep it on th4e same network through the house so ultimately on could use any personal device to control the house lighting. I know ArtNet in this case is using broadcast, but when alongside all the other protocols on the network it does get a bit messy.
    Again thank you for the advice and I will continue investigating.
    Best Regards

  • Not fully related, but something to keep in mind:

    I spent three days troubleshooting my artnet setup, loosing hair and maxing out blood pressure.... the setup worked like a charme, but when I decided to remove the wallwart power supply of my artnet node (showtec net2/3) and go PoE instead, all hell broke loose, random data being sent on the DMX bus, everything acting funny. Sniffing ethernet traffic via a span port didn´t give me a clear root cause, nor did sniffing on the DMX bus.

    After trying almost anything, including isolating artnet traffic in a dedicated vlan, shortening the DMX chain, recabling and whatnot... turns out PoE is the troublemaker. Running other PoE devices from the same switch (Cisco 2960L) didn´t give me any issues, power consumption is also around 20% of the switch capability....

    TLDR: Look in the most unlikely spots always take notes to pinpoint the issue. Temporarily simplify the setup as complexity is the natural enemy of troubleshooting.

    Hope this helps, good luck!

  • That's an interesting finding. How long was the Ethernet Cable between the switch and the Net-2? Not that it should matter, I am just curious, because I used it in a PoE setup successfully.

    Did you find a way to repeat the pattern? I am asking because since I discovered the flaw in the network stack, I have a contact at Highlight that I can report that kind of issues to and they try to take care.

  • There are some options I´d like to check, because, quite frankly, I´d prefer to go PoE as well :).

    10m, Cat 6

    Repeating the pattern is easy, just turn PoE on and off :)

    trouble on : "power inline auto"

    trouble off: "power inline never"

    Could be everything between faulty hardware or "special" features on the switch side, maybe human error (config options I never had to use before with other PoE devices), maybe some hickup on the node side or just a mismatch between two interpretations of a protocol to detect class, dunno.

    I can check a different port, switch and cable and node (since I just bought a second net-2/3). But now that things work again, I´m a bit busy getting my head around DMXC - just want to drill down and see whether it´s worth the effort to switch my DMX software, because that would involve rewriting something near 1500 scenes.

    Give me a little time, I´ll come back to this. Since I will learn a bit more of the inner workings of PoE I´m actually interested beyond "hey it works again, next topic please".