DMX system troubleshoot

  • Hey all,

    I newly purchased a pretty cheap dmx setup from amazon since i didnt want to spend too much money. It contains 4 steadily mounted 8channel 12led par lights and a dmx 192 controller.

    The Problem: When i want to start using it i cant use the first switch as red, the second one as green and the third as blue and so on but it just turns on all 12leds on the first switch and on the 2nd switch i can choose different modes... i tried different cables or changing the polarity but i just cant figure out why it does what it does... (dmx adresses are correct, 1st light is 1, 2nd light is 17 etc to have them on seperate buttons on the controller)

    Thank you in advance for any response

    - Aaron :)

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  • Hy,

    There are dozens of Lights on the Market and so are dozens of cheap controllers. Your question is like "I have issues with my car, it makes a strange sound. I already tried switching the tires, please help..." 8o

    What I want to say is, please be more detailed in terms of what type of controller you are using and what type of lights. Pictures of the devices or manuals also help.

    Otherwise I doubt that there will be any valuable feedback.


  • Ok. Looks like a regular DMX Controler. I don't know that model, neither the controller nor the devices.

    You said you already configured the Lights with the right DMX Address, and looped the DMX Cable through them. Did you check the manual of the Lights? Sometimes there are different operation modes with different DMX Channel assignments. Also there could be a master dimmer that always needs to be @ 100% for the individual color channels to work.

  • Thank you for the input, i‘ve checked your points but havent found anything in the manual about those topics.... the only things i can configure on the lights are the dmx channels. also i‘ve tried to find a fader for the dimmer but there wasnt any fader that affected the output of the lights.

    Do you have any further suggestions? by now i‘m thinking of just buying another controller from beamz since i‘ve heard a lot about that brand in the dmx scene so i figured that would be a good choice in terms of quality. It‘d be a beamz 240 dmx controller.

    If anyone has experience with that controller i‘d be happy to hear some feedback on it.

    Best regards