Update DDF already used in project

  • Is it possible to update a DDF for devices already in use in a project?

    I have created a DDF for an RGBWA LED Parcan and used it in a project, and now want to update the DDF to include the hue work area for the amber LED. I've changed the DDF but the amber channel still doesn't seem to be used when I select amber colours.

    Is there a procedure to update the DDF in the project?

    Any help much appreciated!


  • Hi,

    the way Lightbeamer showed is indeed a possible way to replace existing Devices with new versions or other Devices. However, in large projects, this method takes its time. Today, there is no direct function to replace a DDf in the project itself via DMXControl 3. However, you can open the project file with your normal file browser (the project-file is a normal zip-file) and replace the existing DDF in the project with the new DDF. As Lightbeamer said, make a copy of your project before you change it.


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  • Iirc if you program with groups, replacing the group updates the cues, and presets. BUT, the cues programmed with presets will not update the new fixtures in the cue. I'll replace groups by creating the new selection as a new group, deleting the old selection, and placing the new selection into the group being updated. It's a very fast version of cloning.

  • Unfortunately editing the DDFs in the project zip file didn't work - it generated the following error:

    I copied the DDFs out from the zip file, and changed:

    <amber dmxchannel = "5" />


    <amber dmxchannel = "5" hueLeftBottom = "0" hueLeftTop = "60" hueRightTop = " 60 " hueRightBottom = " 120 " />

    Then copied them back into the zip file.

    It's only a simple project at the moment so I'll use Lightbeamer 's replace device method :-)



  • Hello Phil,

    please check, if your changed DDF is valid in general by loading them into an empty new project in DMXControl 3. It seems in the first point of view, there is an error inside, so your project is not able to be loaded. I guess, you will get more informations in this case. When you fix it, then try again.

    The other question is: did you change the file name and delete the previous version inside the project-file? This is also a possible reason for this error message. When you bring the name back to the "old" one, your project will also work again.

    Regards, Stefan.