Timeline-based cuelist editor

  • In a future version of DMX Control, I would like to see a timeline-based cuelist editor.

    This would provide a visual representation of all of the cues along a timeline. For each cue, the start time could be dragged to whatever time you want the cue to start (this would set the timecode trigger time). Similar to the way you adjust clip in and out times in video and audio editing software.

    You could also have the ability to drag a handle to set the fade and delay times.

    It would be particularly useful if you could overlay the waveform from a piece of music.

    This would make creating light shows set to music much faster than the current method (getting the timecodes from audio editing software and manually typing them into the cuelist editor).



  • Hi and welcome in our forum,

    we know, that the current way to design an audio synchronized show in DMXControl 3 is not really good. This is currently a workaround and a solution to be able to make audio shows at all. We do not see this as a long term solution for audio-synchronized shows. Hence, we already confirmed, that there will be a new feature in DMXControl 3.3: The Timecode Player. It is designed to play timecode-based shows (audio, cuelists, ....) directly in DMXControl 3. The control will look a little bit like in DAWs or video cutting software. So something like you described will definitely come and we are already working on it for some time ;) The current solution is a side-product of the work on the timecode player because the audio management is needed for the timecode player as well and is already implemented in the current version of DMXControl 3.


    P.S.: First time, we mentioned the timecode player was in the documentation about our annual DMXControl Projects e.V. meeting in 2015: https://wiki-de.dmxcontrol-pro…trol-Treffen_2015#Samstag (Link currently only in German)

    im Falle eines Falles klebt Gaffa einfach alles, denn Gaffa ist dein Freund und Helfer :thumbup:

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