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    Is it possible to open the Chaser tools File (Using a text file or ????)

    and move multiple Chases to different location in the file?

    This would save me a lot of time.

    If not is it possible for a Programer do it?

    Thanks Steve

  • Hi,

    the problem is, that DMXControl 2 saves its files in a proprietary format which can not be easily edited by other programs. Even a VB programmer does not know in which way this format shall be read. So unfortunately, you will have to move them by hand :(



  • Hi,

    Same there. Same issue.

    Also DMXControl 2 is written in VB6, where Microsoft canceled the development support already 12 years ago: https://www.eweek.com/developm…port-for-visual-basic-6.0

    Right now, we don't even have a working development environment running for the DMXControl 2 series. The Software is as it is and there won't be changes or enhancements.

    Even if you find somebody taking a look into the binary files, that person will also have to spend a couple of hours to get that "Move things around" program working without breaking anything. It is questionable whether overall that is really a time save if you take that persons time into account.